Three Reasons to Get Privacy for your Domain

Felix Lau
Aug 30, 2017

What is Domain Privacy?

Domain Privacy is a service that is offered by a domain registrar like us in which all of your information in the WHOIS is replaced with the information of a forwarding service. In our case, we will replace all the information with Dynadot’s own domain privacy contact information.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is an organizational database that is managed by "registrars" and "registries". When you register a domain, ICANN requires you to enter your contact information which includes: Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, and other contact information you want to provide. This all becomes public information and anyone that knows your domain name can look this information up using the WHOIS database online.

Three Reasons to get Domain Privacy

1) Keep Solicitors at Bay

One of the best reasons to buy domain privacy is to prevent solicitors from calling and emailing you. Telemarketers, sales people, spammers, con artists and countless others scrape the WHOIS database for contact information. Without domain privacy, you may start receiving calls and emails about various SEO services, mailing services, and scammers. They try to trick you by pretending to either renew your domains or various other methods to scam you out of money. Using domain privacy, others will not be able to search for your information online because all your information will be replaced with ours.

2) Protect Your Personal Data

Identity theft is a very real problem. Thieves are not just looking to gain your credit card and financial information. They can use your name and address for various fraudulent activities like registering false domains with your information. Identity theft hit an all time high in 2016 where around $16 billion was stolen from 15.4 million U.S consumers compared with 13.1 million consumers the previous year. Domain privacy won’t protect you from every aspect of identity theft, but it certainly helps by not having your personal information available to the public.

3) We Offer Domain Privacy for Free

Starting September 1st, 2017, we are offering domain privacy for free! Remember to add Whois domain privacy to your domain so that spammers and scammers send their correspondence to us instead of you. We will filter all the mail, e-mails and phone calls for spam and only send you anything that isn’t spam.

Posted by Felix Lau