Dynadot Customer Portland Fruit West Knows the Importance of Having an Online Presence

Robyn Norgan
Mar 18, 2013

Portland Fruit West considers itself to be more of an "indoor farmer's market" than a typical grocery store. They focus on offering fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and other produce. The company started as the Portland Fruit Company 20 years ago and last year expanded into two locations: Portland Fruit East, the original location in South East Portland, Oregon, and their new location, Portland Fruit West, in Beaverton, Oregon. In addition to these two physical locations, the company has also expanded online, starting their website last year.

Greg, one of the owners of Portland Fruit West, says having a website has allowed the business to "join the modern age":

"Since we've gotten ourselves a website, our business has really joined the modern age and given our customers a great way to connect with us. They can view some pricing information on our website before even coming in to the store and they now have multiple avenues to give us feedback - via our website and our social networking accounts. We're just a small, family owned and operated business and a nice web presence really shows people that we are up to date with how the world works and open to communication!"

He goes on to say that because they have a website, they are now thinking about adding new options for their customers such as online ordering:

"In the future, we will be offering online ordering of full-cases of produce (apples, cucumbers, lettuce, oranges, etc) and that's something we haven't done before. But it's attainable now that we have a website and yet another way to offer our customers options in regard to their shopping. We would also like to tie the website into a mobile app, but that's a little farther off."

Dustin, a store employee who doubles as webmaster, says that helping maintain the company's website has allowed him to be a bigger part of the place where he works:

"Initially, I was hired just as a store employee, but then we talked about [starting] a website. Once I got the website going and it started getting noticed and promoted, I began to feel like I was making a real contribution to the business. People have actually made use of (and thanked me for) something that I put on the Internet. Not only that, but what I'm doing is improving a young, small business. It really feels fantastic."

According to Greg, "having all of this web access to our business has been a positive experience." Not only has he seen new business from it, but he's also gotten lots of useful feedback. For businesses both large and small, having a website is key and the first step is finding your domain name. If you don't have a lot of resources to get started, look to your employees. You may find that one of your employees is interested in helping get a website started for your business.

In Dustin's case, he's coming up with even more great ideas for Portland Fruit West's website:

"One thing I haven't discussed with the bosses yet is building an Internet kiosk that allows you to browse a sub-website containing information on the fruits & vegetables in our store that includes recipes, tips on storing, etc. That'll take a new website and a new computer installed in the store, but it's something that I'd like to take on as sort of a 'pet project'. I wouldn't have even thought of this idea if I wasn't running the website for the store."

Check out their site at Then get started with your own site by finding your domain name today!

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