Tips to protect your accounts on #WorldPasswordDay

Samantha Escobar
May 2, 2019
Every first Thursday of May. It is World Password Day. It is a day to remember the importance of digital security and also to promote better password habits.

You should always treat every day like password day and always remember to enhance your internet security. Did you know that identity theft is one of the biggest and fastest crimes in the world? Every day thousands of people are affected by identity theft. You can avoid being one of those peoples by securing your digital passwords. Whether it's your email, blog, social media account, or bank account, it's always good to have a strong password to prevent someone else from hacking in and going through your personal digital life.
Below are some different tips that can help you secure your passwords online


Multi-factor authentication is an additional layer of protection for your logins on your accounts. Most emails, bank accounts, and social media accounts have this feature in their settings. Some examples of multi-factor authentications are fingerprint identifications, single-use code (usually sent to mobile phone), and a strong password.


It may seem crazy to think, but a lot of individuals still use simple passwords like "iloveyou" and "mom123". In order to prevent being at risk of identity theft, it's always good to find a strong password for your personal login accounts. Some ways to create a strong password is through free password generators. Some great password managers are LastPass, DashLane, and Sticky Password. These password managers are tools that create and store passwords for you, so you can use many different passwords on different sites and services without having to memorize them. The passwords that are generated are hard passwords that a human is unlikely to guess. Give it a try and start generating some strong passwords for your personal accounts.


Believe it, or not many individuals reuse passwords for all of their accounts. However, it is important to keep in mind that this puts all of your accounts at risk. If a hacker gets access to your passwords, then they can get access to all your accounts. It is important to have different passwords for each account and also to change them every six months or so. Never use old passwords and always make them hard for a human to identify or solve.

These tips will help you become safer and will also protect your accounts from hackers! Celebrate #WorldPasswordDay by following one of these tips and spread the word.