Open for business with a .Store domain name
Tell the World You’re Open for Business with .Store
Rebecca Scott
Jun 17, 2022 • 8 min read

As of 2021, the number of digital buyers globally was 2.14 billion, which is 27.6% of the world’s population. As this number increases unprecedentedly year after year, businesses cannot ignore the importance of having a strong online presence that is unique, memorable, and optimized to attract relevant customers and stand out from competitors. 

If you haven’t made a move already and are looking to join the ever-growing tribe of online store owners and shoppers, one of the first things you need is a domain name for your online store. It is the center of your web presence; the address people use to find you on the internet.

To meet your e-commerce store branding and business goals, an exact-match, relevant domain name is a great place to start. However, such domain names are hard to secure in an online world overcrowded with web addresses.

Fortunately, several alternative domain extensions for online stores have emerged in recent years, allowing new online store owners to secure a premium domain name for their business without spending a lot of money. The most popular among them is .Store, which can catapult your business to the league of innovative online sellers.

Read on to learn more about the .Store domain extension and how it’s the best way to let the world know that you’re open for (online) business.

Why .Store?

1. .Store domain names are available

Every business owner dreams of an exact match domain name for their company. However, finding one is nearly impossible, at least on generic domain extensions like .Com, .Net, and .Biz that have been around for several decades. 

However, when you consider new domain extensions such as .Store, the chances of you finding an exact match domain name increase significantly. For instance, let’s say you own a business called The Vegan Store. The chances of being available are much higher than, and it’s also an exact match, which makes it the right choice for your e-commerce store branding.

Easier availability also means that you can acquire a brandable and relevant .Store domain name at a standard rate instead of paying a premium for a generic one. This  saves you money that could be spent on other, more important,  business expenses.

2. .Store domains are highly brandable

When it comes to building a strong online brand, proper positioning is everything, and your domain name is the first step towards that goal. Imagine if people could immediately ascertain that you’re the website that can meet their needs simply from your domain name. For instance, when they come across, they know what’s in store for them even before clicking your website’s link. 

A .Store domain prefixed with your business name positions you as an online seller and secures you a short exact-match domain name that is easy to remember and recognize. Such a memorable and relevant domain name can save you a lot of marketing dollars in the long run by building the right customer perception right off the bat.

3. .Store helps you stand out

In order to attract online customers, an online brand needs to be not only meaningful but also unique. The right mix of the two can be challenging to achieve. You want a domain name that is simple and straightforward but also stands out among the competition. This means you need to get creative but not risk becoming incomprehensible. A domain name that is not easily understood will only drive potential customers away.

However, with a .Store domain name, your chances of hitting that sweet spot between uniqueness and simplicity are much higher. A domain name like is unique enough to catch your customers' attention because .Store domains are still not as common as those that use traditional domain names. At the same time, it uses simple and relevant keywords to rightly position you as a seller of apps for artists. Among alternative domain extensions for online stores, .Store is a frontrunner.

4. .Store is scalable

The beauty of running an online store is that growth possibilities are endless. As geographical boundaries more or less disappear, you can find products to sell and customers in any part of the world. Keeping your future expansion plans in mind, as online store owners always do, you should aim to secure a domain name that stays relevant and true to your brand.

A .Store domain name is that rare combination of niche and versatile. On the one hand, it is new enough to make you stand out. On the other hand, the word “store” is universally recognized as a place that sells things. Today, you may be selling your products in Chicago, but you may find clients outside the US tomorrow. Today, you could be selling just handmade jewelry, but tomorrow you may want to sell clothes and bags too. No matter what you’re selling and where, your .Store domain name will always be relevant and understood by your global customers.

5. .Store hits the keyword sweet spot

The .Store domain extension is among the best for SEO because it communicates what your business is about, thus setting the right visitor expectations. In this way, it helps you attract relevant traffic: people looking to purchase what you’re selling. As search engines pick up on this and other resultant SEO indicators such as lower bounce rate and greater engagement, your credibility is bound to get an organic boost, which will result in improved search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

As far as the best domain extensions for SEO are concerned, Google treats all domain extensions on par. Thus, your .Store domain is as good as the more common ones but comes with the added advantages of being modern, fresh and contextual.


Who is .Store perfect for?

As mentioned, the word “store” is globally recognized as being an entity that sells. Thus, anyone who is in the business of selling can use a meaningful .Store domain name to let the world know that they are open for business, such as:

  • Online store owners
  • Existing physical stores that are now moving/transitioning to online
  • Retailers
  • Brands and artists launching their merch

Now that we’ve established that a .Store domain is perfect for so many different types of ventures, let’s look at some interesting examples of sellers already on .Store.

Who is using .Store?


Retail fashion is a hyper-competitive market, but Black Tailor has managed to carve a spot for themselves in this world. They’ve done this with one simple but unique proposition: style meets functionality meets affordability. Their strict production and quality guidelines make each of its products come across as a true-blue (or black) Blacktailor product.


This online seller of thousands of magazines, books, and eBooks spanning every category imaginable, from People magazine to Popular Mechanics, uses an exact match .Store domain name to enhance its online branding and let the world know exactly what it does: sell magazines.


The .Store domain is being used by several celebrities to sell their merchandise online. One among them is internet personality Zach King, famous for his “magic vines” which are 6-second videos edited to look like a magician’s tricks. On, the digital artist sells a wide range of items such as t-shirts, playing cards, caps, and comics.


In Conclusion

The efficacy of alternative domain extensions for online stores, such as .Store, is undergoing a rapid mindset shift. Not only is .Store widely accepted, it is one of the most sought-after domain extensions for online stores. It is a simple and effective way of letting the world know that you are open for business and reap its many e-commerce store branding benefits.


Rebecca Scott
Rebecca is a Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at Radix Web Services. A marketing enthusiast, she describes her role as one part creative explorer and one part strategic alchemist. Her contributions feature in publications related to social media and online marketing.