1 Page, Endless Possibilities: Creating an Impactful 1 Page Website

Paige Omandam
Feb 22, 2018
If you've registered your domain with Dynadot, you might have noticed that you have the option of a free one-page website. One page might not seem like a lot, but with the variety of templates and great tools in our website builder it can be extremely effective. Need some ideas on what to do with your one-pager? Don't fret, we've got some ideas that are sure to wow your website visitors.

Event Page

Event One Page Website

Do you enjoy hosting events, workshops, or meet-ups? A one-page website is a great place for your community to find all the information they need about your upcoming events! The "Contact" tool allows visitors to send you messages, which are then forwarded to the email of your choice. Another great tool to use is the "Social" tool, which links your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, and other social media pages seamlessly onto your website.

This event website was based on the "Coastal" template and allows Carla to use her one-page website as a platform for anyone to view her contact information, upcoming workshops, and social media pages. Using the "Image" tool, she can drag and drop images of her crafts for visitors to see. She can share her website on all her social media channels for her participants to stay updated, as well as grab the attention of new attendees. Having all the information in one place makes it easy for attendees and event organizers. Some great domain extensions for an event page are .SERVICES, .EVENTS, or .CLUB! You can personalize your event website with other social domain name extensions that are sure to reel in new visitors.

Resume Booster

Resume One Page Website

Did you know that 77% of employers Google their applicant's name? Give them something impressive to find! A one-page website is a great link to include on your resume. One page of your resume can only tell an employer so much, but one page of your website will not only show them that you are tech-savvy, but also give them a more holistic view of who you are. An impactful resume website gives you an edge over other candidates. Essentially, your one-pager can be your online business card. The "Text" tool gives you free reign to talk about side projects related to your career, as well as your hobbies, values, and goals. Adding videos of yourself to this website with the "Video" tool will help them match a face to a name before they even reach out for an interview.

In this example, this young professional clearly states his career interests, provides a short summary about himself, links his resume and social media pages, and shows off his current projects and the latest video on his youtube channel. Made with the "Simple" template, this website simply and boldly shows off his strengths and abilities. Your resume website is sure to set your resume apart from other candidates and make you more likely to land your dream job! Another great way to personalize your resume website is to register your name as a domain name. Some great domain extensions to use for this purpose are .ME, .CEO, or .CAREER as well as domain extensions that are specific to certain industries.


Portfolio One Page Website

If you're a student or professional in any aspect of design, a portfolio is a must. A good portfolio shows potential employers your strongest work. Your work should do the talking, which is why the "Pieces" template is perfect for making your work stand out. You can display all your work with the "Image" tool, which allows you to upload, organize, and edit images on your website. In this photography portfolio example, the artist's work captures the viewer as soon as you enter the website. The "Contact" tool is a great addition to any portfolio website, allowing potential clients, employers, or fans to contact you. This gives your visitors a way to leave you feedback, inquiries or other messages.

Whether you're making a graphic design, industrial design, or logo portfolio, a one-page website is a great platform to share your work with the world. You can make your portfolio website stand out with domain name extensions like .GALLERY., .STUDIO, .PHOTO, or .WORK! We have a full list of art-related domain extensions that are perfect for your portfolio website.


Invitation One Page Website

What better way to celebrate an important occasion than to create a website for it? An invitation website will be memorable, unique, and allow you to add media like photos, videos, and links. Events like weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and all of life's other celebrations will be even more special with a website. Your guests can access useful information like itineraries, travel information, and dress code all in one convenient place. Physical invitations can be easily lost, but online invitations are easily accessible.

In this example based on the "Compass" template, a couple beautifully displays their wedding information, links to their wedding registry, travel and accommodations, and RSVP. This makes it easy for their attendees to find the information they need. The "Contact" tool allows the website visitor to contact the event coordinator and the "Gallery" tool can be used to transform the website into a gallery of photos from the event. A great domain extension is the icing on the cake for a wedding invitation website! Consider domain extensions like .LOVE, .US, .WEDDING, or .PARTY!. You can find even more domain extensions that are perfect for your event here!

While these are only a few examples of one-page websites, the possibilities are endless. With the tools available with our website builder, any one-page website you make is sure to be impactful. If you've mastered all the tools available with one page, you'll love the tools that come with the pro and business plan! These include a search bar tool, product tool, button, HTML coding capabilities, file uploading, email, and much more! Secure your spot on the web and set up your free one-page website today!

Written by Paige Omandam