8 businesses that can make the most of a .ONLINE domain name

Alisha Shibli
Mar 9, 2020

Building a stellar online presence is the first step to starting a new business, and that starts with getting the right domain name. It’s what forms the identity of your startup on the Internet. For something that is at the core of your business, your domain name is one of those tiny details that must be phenomenal.

However, with hundreds and thousands of domain names already taken, finding the one that you want could become a tough challenge. Fortunately, with the introduction of over 1200 new domain extensions, domain names of your choice are now not only easily available but they are also a lot more meaningful and contextual to your business.

Among them is .online, a domain name that is clearly indicative of your online presence without being too industry-specific, making it highly versatile. Moreover, the word “online” is understood in about 24 languages, which makes it a great choice for businesses that want to establish a global presence.

Here are 8 businesses that can greatly benefit from using the .online domain extension.

1. Food & beverage

Whether you’re an established restaurant chain, a quaint little bakery, a home chef or a startup selling specific ingredients, you can build a memorable brand on a .online domain extension. An online presence can help with the growth of the business and in reaching a larger audience.

With the .online domain extension, brands with a brick and mortar presence, such as restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, can create a unique online presence that compliments their offline presence. They can use their website to educate people about their brand history, provide restaurant information, publish interesting chefs and food stories, update people on new recipes, special offerings or discounts and even manage delivery orders.

For example, as a home chef, you could look at a domain name such as

2. Artistes

Are you a well-established artist who wishes to expand their popularity to other geographical locations? Or are you a promising new artist looking to spread awareness about your work and reach out to patrons?

Irrespective of your position, a good online presence can help enhance it. A website such as www.[yourname].online or www.[yourartspeciality].online can be a great place where people come to learn more about what you do. For example,

You can use your website to engage with people and promote your work all over the world, educate people about your art, put out announcements of your upcoming exhibitions/performance and even share content that inspires you. A .online website is perfect for everyone from painters and photographers to musicians and dancers.

3. Education

Almost all the universities of the world now offer online courses, from smaller, community colleges to Ivy-league institutes.

For lesser-known colleges, an online presence is important to generate awareness about courses offered, faculty credentials and recognizations and accreditations. For legacy institutes, it is a great way to expand the reach of their programs.

A website such as can help you build a memorable and credible online brand.

It’s good to be innovative with your online presence especially when teaching the value of innovation.

4. Travel and hospitality

Whether you’re a travel blogger or a travel and tour company, a .online website is the perfect virtual address to make others see the world through your eyes. As a travel enthusiast, you can combine your passion with a .online domain extension to create an inspiring and catchy web address, such as, or

For a travel and tour company, a web address is essential for business. You can go for something such as, to post important information, allow people to make bookings online and publish blog stories that can inspire people to sign up for your tours.

5. Beauty

Have a knack for experimenting with makeup? Or are you a skincare enthusiast whose knowledge of regimens and home remedies cannot be beaten? Or do you just like trying out different products on the market?

Whichever category you fall in, a dedicated beauty blog or website is the perfect opportunity for you to share your passion and build a successful business out of it. A website such as can be a great place for you to upload blog posts, tutorial videos or product reviews and you’re all set to become a beauty blogger, perhaps even an influencer that brands will love to collaborate with.

6. Gaming

Online gaming is a booming industry. With gaming companies mushrooming rapidly to capitalize on this market segment, the competition is fierce, which makes it all the more important to build an online presence that stands out.

Which of these two domain names do you think stands out?

  1. www.[gamename].com

  2. www.[gamename].online

A domain name on .online is a great way to create your own unique, innovative, and creative space online.

7. Fashion

Just like beauty, fashion brands and stylists can also transform their passion and work into popular online brands with a .online domain extension.

For example, a domain name such as can be a great way to brand and promote a fashion and lifestyle blog. The domain name doubles up as your brand statement giving you that extra branding edge over your competitors.

8. Sports

Whether you’re a sports content website, a blogger, or a sports academy, you can create a great online presence on a .online domain name. For example, can be a great domain name for a website that shares information about football.

You could also build a website promoting your love for basketball on where you share information about the latest games, blog/forum discussing games, players, and more.


With new domain extensions such as .online, finding a domain name that adds value to your business or passion has become easier. It allows you to build a global brand that is relevant, meaningful, and contextual to your online business.

Alisha is a Senior Content Marketing & Communication Specialist at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .ONLINE and .TECH. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.