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Launch Your Side-Hustle with .ART
Paige Omandam
Mar 29, 2021

When you're in the creative zone, you lose track of time. Your craft brings you joy and relaxation, and you often share your creations with your loved ones. Your friends and family comment that they would pay you for your work if you ever decided to sell it.

Does this sound like you? If so, why haven't you started a side-hustle yet?

Why start a side-hustle?

The work you do as a creative may not seem like work if you genuinely enjoy it, so why not profit from it? A thriving side-hustle can bring significant extra income, giving you the financial freedom to invest in other areas of your life. It can be a simple way to earn passive income, such as selling stock photos or downloadable prints. Or, it can be as complex as running an entire online store, fulfilling orders, and shipping them out. Your side-hustle may even grow to a point where it becomes your full-time job. The best part is that you are your own boss, which means you get to decide how much time and effort you're willing to invest.

An online presence is essential to a successful side-hustle, starting with a website. A website separates an amateur from a professional. Not only does it add credibility to your side-hustle, but it serves as a hub for all your essential information, such as contact information, rates, online store, portfolio, and more. You need a domain name that will represent your creativity and .ARTis an excellent choice for any creator looking to launch their business.

Why .ART?

.ART is a versatile domain extension for any creator. .ART encompasses all creative fields, including graphic design, interior design, fashion design illustration, calligraphy, photography, makeup artistry, videography, animation, and more. You can even include your .ART domain in all of your social media bios to redirect potential customers to your website. YourName.ART or YourBrand.ART will immediately establish yourself as a professional in your craft.

Ready to launch your side hustle with .ART? We've got you covered. Register your .ART domain with Dynadot for only $5.99 until 2021/03/31 23:59 UTC. Choose from eight fully customizable and mobile responsive templates to start building your website.