Happy Internet Day!

Robyn Norgan
Oct 29, 2017

Did you know that the first Internet transmission took place on October 29, 1969? This first transmission was received just a few miles down the road from our Dynadot headquarters here in Silicon Valley. The transmission originated from graduate student Charles Kline at UCLA and was sent to programmer Bill Duvall at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto. Although the message was intended to read "LOGIN," only the "L" and "O" managed to send before the connection crashed. But just an hour later, the full "LOGIN" message was able to be sent and the rest is history!

Obviously, we've come a long way since this first transmission. The transmission was sent using ARPANET or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, which at the time connected only four terminals - UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. ARPANET led to the Internet as we know it today - including the existence of the domain name.

Domain names exist ultimately as labels that are easier to remember than a series of numbers, i.e. an IP address. This idea originated from ARPANET, which used to have a host file that would map computer names to numerical address so users didn't have to remember them. As the network grew, however, they needed a better system and that's how the Domain Name System (DNS), and the domain itself, was born.

Today, it's estimated that over 3.8 billion people - around half the world's population - have access to the Internet. And, as we have seen Internet penetration grow, we have also seen domain ownership grow - with over 332 million domain registrations as of this year. Have you registered yours yet?

What better day to secure your space on the Internet than Internet Day? Check out our full list of TLDs and then search for your dream domain today!

Side note - it's also National Cat Day today. Coincidence?

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who likes to browse the Internet with her cat who doesn't seem to love it quite as much (especially when Snapchat is involved).