A Brave New World of Domains — See How Tetris, SEGA, and Others are Innovating with .GAME

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Jun 3, 2020

When the .game domain ending first launched, Steve Gaynor, co-founder of Fullbright video game studio, acquired multiple domains for his award winning titles, such as and, to cut down on unwieldy URLs.

“We make stories that we hope people who love video games will want to immerse themselves in, and the .game TLD is a great fit for what we do,” he said.

Gaynor is not alone — both startups and established brands are using .game domains to solve challenges commonly experienced by millions of businesses and individuals who want to bring their ideas to the internet.


Be a gaming specialist
Globally-recognized brands, including Alphabet, BMW, and Slack, have all adopted non-traditional domain names for their websites. Using a .game domain is an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how two industry leaders are using .game:

In collaboration with Amplitude Studios, SEGA’s HUMANKIND, is a historical turn-based strategy game for PC.

Tetris — is home to the newly interactive tile-matching puzzle game for PC and PlayStation. Tetris Effect is a colorful and transformative spin on the classic which offers a breathtaking Virtual Reality option.

A domain for all kinds of gaming
Whether you specialize in video games, e-sports, board games, gambling, game theory, or even corporate training games, a .game domain tells your audience exactly what you do. Check out these other applications for .game: — International e-sports tournaments between businesses, in partnership with Samsung, Acer, and more. — Just one of 11 online Bitcoin casinos certified by — The e-sports division for the multinational HR consulting and recruitment agency Randstad (RANJF).

Top domains still available for standard fees
Did you know that,, and are still available? As a premium domain ending, the .game pricing model discourages bulk registrations of all the best names. That makes it easier for you to find the ideal .game domain for your business or idea.,,, and are just a few of the great .game domains you can buy now.

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