Give your art a presence online

Candice Castro
Dec 3, 2020

Amazing art is created all around the world, but how does it get noticed? Some artists have a physical store where people can shop their work, but it’s not always feasible with costs and securing a prime location. If you’re an artist and can’t afford to open up your own shop, you’re not out of options—build one online!

How do you get started?

Your primary goal should be to register your domain name. You can search for a domain on a traditional TLD (like .com), but building an online presence on .ART just makes sense if you're an artist. .ART works for any kind of artist: painters, designers, dancers, photographers, cinematographers, and the like. Whenever anyone visits your website, they’ll know you’re an artist just by typing in your URL.

Once you have your domain, you can build a website to show off your paintings, designs, photos, and any other creative work you’ve made. You can set up an eCommerce shop where consumers can purchase their favorite items. You may not be able to own a physical store, but a virtual one can be just as effective. Use our easy drag-and-drop website builder tools to get online, or connect to a site you've built with a third party simply by updating your name server settings.

It’s beneficial to have an online presence even if you don’t want to have a shop. Let’s say you’re a freelance artist looking for work. You can use your .ART website to create a digital resume that links to your social media accounts highlighting your past work. You can also create a contact page listing all the ways to reach you. Getting yourself online gives you and your artwork more exposure.

Don't limit yourself—allow your artwork to get noticed by registering a .ART domain name and building an online profile. .ART is the world’s most exclusive art domain, and our $5.99 sale is available until 12/31/20 23:59 UTC.