Video Game Team Favorites

Candice Castro
Jul 8, 2019
For National Video Game Day, we asked a few members of the Dynadot team to share which video game is their ultimate favorite and why. To no surprise, not one chose the same game as our tastes and interests are uniquely diverse, much like the Dynadot team as a whole. Between the early 90s classic Super Nintendo gaming console to modern-day gaming series on the PC, we have some favorites we think you'll enjoy:

"I’d say Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64 is my ultimate favorite as it reminds me of my childhood playing with my older brother and cousins. Kirby was my go-to character, particularly because of the ability to consume other characters and attain some of their characteristics. And for giggles, I would inhale my opponents, fly over to the edge, and spit them out so they lost a life. [Chuckles]. Yes, I was kind of an annoying player; I was often referred to as a stage obstacle, but it was super fun!" - Marketing

“My favorite video game is the Football Manager series for PC. It might look dull to some, but I love the challenge of gradually taking a smaller team to the top of the game. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the best young prospects and developing them into top talents!” - Customer Service

“One of my favorite videogames is Odin Sphere for the Playstation 2. It's an action RPG with gorgeously hand-drawn 2D animation, and at times has a brutal, controller chucking level of difficulty. The story is told via five separate playable heroes, whose stories interweave to contribute to one overarching narrative. I've spent countless hours replaying the same difficult boss, often being pushed to the breaking point, but in the end was rewarded by overcoming the game's challenges. To cap it all off, the final boss fight was a truly unique and memorable finish to a severely underappreciated PS2 game.” - Engineer

“I love the visual novel series, Danganronpa. I’m definitely in for the murder mysteries and bizarre character personalities. It always gets me wondering, ‘If I had one ultimate talent that was the best in the nation, what would it be and how would I use it to get away with murder?’. My answer: Ultimate Noodle Maker. Low-key crafty hand skills for death traps yet manipulating others with delicious meals. : )” - Design

“Lately I’ve been into playing Stardew Valley on Steam. It reminds me of being a teenager, playing Harvest Moon on the old Super Nintendo. I read that the creator is actually a fan who wanted to offer more intricate game play without losing the old school graphics and feel. Everything you loved about Harvest Moon is there. You can farm, craft, fish, and start a family. The game provides myriad options when it comes to personal relationships with the townsfolk, though I have to say, I’ve never worked this hard to catch a fish in my life.  :]” - Customer Service

Turns out, we love combat, heroes, and mysteries! What’s your favorite video game and why would you recommend playing it? Tell us so we can check them out, too!