Friday Five: 5 Ways to Use a 1-Page Website

Paige Omandam
Dec 6, 2019
One of the perks of registering your domain with Dynadot is that you get a free, mobile responsive one-page website. While it may not seem like much, one page is enough to make a huge impact. Here are five ways to launch your online presence in a single page:

1. Link Hub

Compile all of your relevant links in one place. If you post your website URL in your social media bios, this is a great way to direct visitors to where you want them to go, whether it's to your social media, online store, or content you've created. If you've registered your name as a domain (which you absolutely should), this is a great way to use it!

2. Online Resume

Impress hiring managers with an online resume. What you can't express on your resume, you can showcase on your one-page website. Do you have a video of yourself winning an award for one of your projects? Do you have photos from volunteer work? While you can't put these in a paper resume, you can show them off on your website.

3. Domain For-Sale Page

Are you in the business of selling domains? Create a domain for-sale page for the domains you own with your contact information, offer instructions, and starting price. If anyone is actively looking for a domain you own, they'll know precisely how to contact you when they look at your for-sale page.

4. Portfolio

A portfolio is a must for any artist, and you can showcase your most impactful pieces on one page. Not only can you link this website to potential clients, but you can also include a contact form for anyone who stumbles upon your work.

5. Event Page

Planning a large event? A website is a great way to compile important information such as RSVP instructions, dates, times, locations, directions, and more. Attendees can find everything they need, including who to contact if they have any more questions.

Of course, these aren't the only things you can do with a one-page website! Register your domain with Dynadot today, and explore the possibilities.