Friday Five: 5 Signs of a Great Domain Name

Paige Omandam
Dec 20, 2019
Your domain name is your online storefront, so you want a name that is meaningful, memorable, and reflective of your brand's message. Does your name cut it? Here are five ways to determine if your domain name hits the mark:

1. It's meaningful

A great domain name can convey the meaning of your company in as few words as possible. Take Dynadot's name, for example. It's short for "Dynamic Dot," which is indicative of our dynamic online services. Descriptive names such as "Facebook" or "Dropbox" are also great options. Flex your creative muscles to find a name that creatively and concisely expresses your brand.

2. It's broad

If you choose a domain name restricted to one city, region, or product, it might no longer be useful if you move or expand your product range. While keywords can help people find your domain name, you want to ensure that they won't restrict your growth. As your website offerings evolve, you want a domain name that you can grow with it.

3. It's easy to say

When you say your domain name verbally, it should be easy for someone that hears it to type it into their phone and find your website right away.
If your domain name is too complicated, you could miss out on a potential customer. As advertising shifts to videos and audio, this becomes increasingly important.

4. It's original

A great domain should be free of any potential legal action against you. You might come up with the perfect domain name, only to find that it's trademarked or taken by another business. Even if the trademark is from across the globe, you could still potentially run into some issues. Without the risk of being shut down, you can own your online presence with confidence.

5. It uses its domain extension wisely

Not all great domain names need to end in .COM. In fact, there are many great domain extensions out there that might make more sense for your brand. For example, the company Brit + Co uses the domain since Co is part of its brand. The popular Untitled Goose Game uses the domain name, which is clever and memorable.

Next time you're registering a new domain name, go through this checklist and make sure your domain name is set up for success!

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