Extremely Effective Ways to Supercharge Your Page Views through Social Media

Joseph Cruz
Feb 8, 2017

Ah, social media. It is a boon or bane to your business, depending on how you manage it. Becoming successful online today requires that you use social media; there's no getting around it. You need to be where people are, and where they are is social networks. Instead of bemoaning the extra work to creating a respectable presence on social media, think of it as an opportunity to supercharge the pageviews to your site. Here are some extremely effective ways to do it.

Grow social media pages for your blog

Presuming you've made the effort to build your community on social networks, the next step is to leverage your community to increase page views for your site. The most effective way to get people to visit your site is to engage them through your blog.

The most obvious thing to do is to share articles you've posted on your social networks, but that isn't nearly enough. The first thing you have to do is make sure you're sharing on the right social network for a particular article. Sharing an article to the wrong set of people can hurt your credibility, so the next time you share your community may just ignore it.

Remember, you want your blog to be informative and authoritative, and carefully choosing the articles you share can go a long way towards growing your social media pages for your blog.

For example, if you're sharing tips on how to achieve the perfectly arched brow, you can comfortably share that on Facebook or Instagram. On the other hand, if you have an article on how to supercharge your page views on social media, you may get better traction on LinkedIn or Google+.

The next thing you need to do is check your bounce rates for each article you share, and learn from it. It's the only way you can be sure you're hitting your target audience, and not damaging your reputation with certain communities.

Create a social media content calendar

You are only as good as your last post. You need regular fresh content on your social network pages so people won't forget you. Create a social media content calendar for when your audience is online so your post doesn't go to waste, especially for Twitter, and take into account any special dates when you can promote your site ahead of time, like Valentine's day or Thanksgiving, or the anniversary of your site.

However, keeping to a calendar can be a bit challenging when you have a lot of things going on, or if your target audience happens to be online at odd hours. You can get around that by automating your posts. You can use free sharing tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite, or Jetpack (WordPress plugin).

Write catchy headlines that get click-throughs

It might sound obvious that you need a catchy headline for your post. However, most people are not paying attention to their headline creation, or doing it wrong, because about 90% of all posts on the web are getting less than 100 shares. If you want to power up your pageviews, you need to get those clicks going, and that means testing your headlines until you get one that is catchy enough to help your cause. You can use a tool like Coschedule Headline Analyzer to help you refine your title. It might take several tries to get a good grade, but it will be worth the trouble in the end.

Up your visual content strategy

If you feel you've been doing everything according to kosher, and you're still not getting the hits you deserve, you probably have to turn your sights on your visual content. You may not have a working strategy. Visual content is exploding on the Internet, mostly because people are inherently wired to absorb visual information, and more likely to be clicked and shared. If you have a way to show it rather than tell, it, then you should start doing that more.

The best way to create a visual content strategy is to target visual content platforms. You can choose to post on Instagram, Pinterest, even SnapChat. People expect images and videos on such sites, and you can score some brownie points by having a considerable presence on them. You have to make sure you post high quality visuals to get the right kind of attention. It's okay to post less frequently as long as you give your audience something good.

You can still post on other social networks as long as you integrate some great visuals that will increase your impact, You can create infographics or animation, download images or photos from a site like Pixabay, or even use emojis. If you're selling products, make sure you invest in high quality product photos.

Make your content easily shareable

Supercharging your page views using social media relies mostly on the number of likes and shares. A study on the power of likes indicates that people are more likely to like a post if it has been previously liked by someone they know. The initial reaction of the first people to see your post thus becomes all-important, so you have to make sure it is easily shareable.

One way to do this is to post something positive or uplifting. Many people like to spread good news rather than bad, so if you want more pageviews, give them something nice to share, like a promo or a new tax break. Failing that, share something informative, instructional, or triggers a strong emotion, such as anger or frustration. Give them something to which they can react, and they will share it.

Another important point is to make sure your post is easy to scan and read, or your audience will just leave. Avoid big blocks of text, add color, images, and clickable links, and you should have good shareable content. Of course, make sure you have social sharing buttons for each post.

Integrate Reddit marketing

It would be perhaps inconsistent to say "Reddit" and "marketing" in the same breath, as Reddit is particularly against contributors using it for marketing purposes. For that reason, it is the ideal platform for increasing pageviews because as a social media, users expect the posts to be of value to the reader.

The best way to integrate Reddit into your efforts to promote your site is to take the long view. You have to build a relationship with members of the community by contributing good content with some value to the reader over time before you can even think of doing any marketing.

However, if you exhibit a genuine interest in contributing to Reddit, you will reap the benefits in the end.

You should also remember that it is extremely important that you choose the subreddit to join just as carefully as choosing the right social networks. You want to make sure the audience is the one that will engage with your posts by liking and sharing them.

Explore and experiment with Quora and other platforms

You need to remember that search engine optimization or SEO is something you should not forget about when focusing on social media. Your purpose is to increase pageviews on your page, and your great posts will go to waste if no one knows they are there.

One way you can lead people to a particular page is to contribute to platforms such as Quora and Yahoo Answers, where you can help people with their problems, and post a link leading back to your page at the same time. It establishes you as an authority, and your contribution will stay there for a long time.

You can also try for engagement in Tumblr and Klout. While they are not precisely social networks, they are still a community in which you can reap similar benefits. Experiment with these different platforms and see what you get.

Joseph Cruz is the owner of and has been blogging for more 3 years. He has been featured in digital marketing blogs such as Ahrefs, SEO-Hacker, & Search Engine Journal.

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Terima kasih telah berbagi informasi kepada kami, informasi ini sangat membangu dan menambah wawasan bagi para pemula yang baru dalam internet marketing. Mampi juga ya di blog kami disana banyak informasi mengenai hal-hal mistik seperti, jimat, kedutan, firasat menurut Primbon Jawa Kuno
Oct 7, 2019 5:19pm