Did You Know Dynadot Offers Grace Period Deletions?

Robyn Norgan
Jul 17, 2012

Oops I made a mistake registering this domain! Can I get a refund for my domain?

At Dynadot, we offer grace deletions, which can give you the opportunity to "return" your domain. If your domain is less than 5 days old, you may be able to request a grace period deletion for Dynadot account credit, which you can do easily from your Dynadot account. Your refund will be the domain's registration cost minus the applicable grace deletion fee. The fee varies per domain from $0-$5, unless you are grace deleting a .WS with 3 characters or less, in which case you will be charged a higher fee of approximately 10% of the registration cost. To see the full list of deletion fees, visit our grace deletion page.

There are some restrictions to grace deletions and not all domains are eligible. The following TLDs cannot be deleted:


.ME domains can only be deleted within 2 days, while .DE allows 25 days for grace deletion. For some TLDs, including .COM, .NET, and .ORG, ICANN limits the deletion rate to 10%. The deletion rate is the number of domains we register per month versus the number of domains we grace delete for that same month. Most grace deletions are processed in a few minutes unless the deletion rate is too close to its maximum rate or there are domains are on the waiting list. Our system will make every attempt to fulfill a grace deletion request, but you will have to keep the domain if it is not deleted. You can check the current deletion rate for each TLD on our grace deletion page, which also lists the domains that do not have a deletion limit.

If your domain is over 5 days old it cannot be deleted for credit. If you still do not want the domain and would like to delete it, you can submit a domain deletion request, but you will not receive any account credit.

For more information, see our complete refund policy.

Post by Robyn Norgan