Register Domains On The Go With The Dynadot App

Paige Omandam
May 17, 2018

Domains at the Palm of your Hand

Imagine: you're sitting on the bus, and suddenly the perfect idea for a domain name pops into your head! Sadly, you're an hour away from your computer, and you have no way of knowing if your perfect domain name is taken or not. That's where the Dynadot App comes in handy! No matter where you are when you think of your perfect domain name, the Dynadot App allows you to search for domains in the palm of your hands. You can conveniently and securely buy domains from your device, as well as add domains to your watchlist, bid on expired domain auctions and find domains using advanced filters.

An Extensive Domain Market

You can find exactly what you're looking for in our app's domain market. With ease, you can check on dropping domains in our backorders and place bids on domains in our backorder auctions. Buying and selling domains is made simple with our domain marketplace, where you can set prices or make offers on domains for sale. You can check on the domain marketplace whenever and wherever you are with the Dynadot App.

Launch Your Next Big Idea

Your next big idea won't come to you while you're staring at a computer screen, so get outside and get inspired. The Dynadot App will be in the palm of your hand when you're ready to turn your big idea into a reality. You can look for a domain name from over 500 domain extensions ranging from .COM, .NET, to country codes like .NET, to new generic domain name extensions like .XYZ. and .CLUB. With so many domain possibilities in the palm of your hand, the possibilities are endless.

You can download the Dynadot App for IOS and Android here:

Google Playstore

App Store

And check out our Dynadot Domain App commercial here!