Top 10 Aftermarket Auction Sales - January 2020

Paige Omandam
Apr 1, 2020

If you're not participating in Dynadot's aftermarket you're missing out! Our aftermarket is your go-to place to buy, sell, and bid on domains. Our marketplace, backorder auctions, expired auctions, and user auctions are an excellent place to find great domains to strengthen your portfolio and sell domains for profit. Check out the top 10 sales from January 2020 to see which domain names were in high-demand!

Top Sales - Marketplace - January 2020

Domain NameSale Price$1,500.00$999.00$990.01$990.00$990.00$990.00$990.00$990.00$990.00$990.00

Top Sales - Backorders - January 2020

Domain NameSale Price$1,026.09$812.00$789.00$700.00$677.99$610.00$551.00$445.00$435.88$434.00

Top Sales - Expired Auctions - January 2020

Domain NameSale Price$3,350.00$2,951.20$2,501.01$1,400.00$1,385.00$1,025.00$1,025.00$902.01$810.00$787.00

Top Sales - User Auctions - January 2020

Domain NameSale Price$199.00$110.00$100.00$99.00$99.00$79.00$79.00$79.00$65.00$63.00

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