One Band With a Great Domain: Sarah.FM

Paige Omandam
Aug 8, 2018
No matter what industry you're in, having a great website and domain name is the key to success. Today, we're showing off one musician who was able to snag both with Dynadot! Sarah.FM has used her domain name to brand herself in the music industry and our website builder to create a great website for her music. We asked her a few questions about her music, domain name, and where you can go to hear her music!

Please tell us about your band— what genre of music you play, your band members, and how you got started.

So far, I am my only bandmate, there are some vocal features on my album Volition. The music is a mix of rock, neo-soul, hip-hop, electronic, shoegaze.

I got started playing guitar as a kid and have played in lots of bands through the years, Dirty Excuse, Sit N Spin, New Professionals, West, Marmalade, Slut’EmGo!, Rachel Z, Sweet T*ts, The Rulers, and more, I never stop playing!

How did you come up with your band's name, Sarah FM?

My 1st name is Sarah and FM are my actual initials.

You've got a great domain name! What made you choose .FM as your domain extension, rather than a .COM or something similar?

How could I not?

How does your website express the personality of your band?

Well, I guess I try to remain a little mysterious, so the website keeps me pretty well hidden and just directs people to the music.

How has your website helped you spread your music? 

Not yet, but I am going to use it to promote my upcoming album.

Where can we find your music online, and where can we see you play live?

You can find me at any online music source by searching Sarah FM, I’m on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, Google, and of course at Bandcamp! You can find me playing shows mostly in New York City and Baltimore, but I’ll happily come to your town and play when you book through

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Written by Paige Omandam