Create a Community with .CO

Paige Omandam
Apr 27, 2018
No one has ever impacted the world by doing the same thing as everyone else. Straying from the norm can be risky, but sometimes it brings the highest rewards. When it comes to registering a domain name, your first instinct might be to choose one of the most common domain extensions, like .COM, .ORG, .NET, etc. These domain extensions may be well-known, but if you choose one of them there is a high chance that the domain name you want might already be taken. This is when you should consider alternative domain name extensions. When used effectively, the right domain extension can express the unique qualities of your brand. Your unique idea should be reflected in your domain name, and that's why a .CO is the perfect domain extension for your big idea!

Originally created as the country code domain (ccTLD) of Colombia, companies around the world have given .CO a new meaning. CO can stand for many things, including Community, Company, Corporation; all words that have to do with people working together. If you're looking for a domain name that expresses the collaborative efforts of a team or community, .CO is fit for the job! .CO comes with many advantages; it's short and memorable, it's versatile, and plus when you register a .CO domain, you don't just receive a great domain extension, you also receive exclusive perks that are only available for .CO domain users. These include discounts, event passes, coupon codes, and more!

Thanks to .CO, communities have been brought together. Vine.Co has created a community that captures and shares short snippets of life; Brit.Co has gathered a community of creatives sharing their tips and tricks, and 500.Co helps fund a community of startups. With a domain extension like .CO, you can form a community of like-minded people to grow and excel with.

Create your community with a .CO domain! For a limited time, 1-year registrations for .CO are only $10.99, so register your .CO domain today!