What we learned at DomainX, in New Delhi, India

Barry Coughlan
Aug 9, 2018

From August 4-5, 2018, we attended the DomainX conference in New Delhi in India. The conference, organized by Manmeet Pal Singh ( and Gaurav Kohli (Domain Name Owners Association of India) is a great opportunity for members of India's burgeoning domain name industry to get together and discuss a range of industry topics, from domain investment to IP law and domain name appraisal. Along with investors and service providers there were participants from adjacent industries, including hosting, law and digital marketing. For us at Dynadot, the event was an invaluable opportunity to learn more about the Indian domain industry, meet some of our Indian based customers and witness the continued growth of the Indian domain market.

Something for everyone

It was our first time in India, and whilst there are always noticeable cultural differences when you travel across the world for domain name events, the things that always remains the same are the excitement and palpable energy surrounding the domain industry. The Internet is truly a boundary-less space, and the conversations at DomainX were very similar to the ones we hear at NamesCon or ICANN events. This energy was very much evident by the vocal participation of industry veterans and newcomers alike. There were a lot of great conversations happening in the speaking hall as well as in the hallways and at the pre-event meet and greet. The mix of topics and conversations ranged from beginner to advanced and it's a credit to the organizers that they were able to create an event that appealed to a broad spectrum of participants. We heard from investors reminiscing about their first sales back in the 1990's and from students and entrepreneurs just starting out in the industry, getting their feet wet and asking all the right questions.

Two people in front of Dynadot logo

Getting to know our customers better

In addition to the conference we also got to meet some of our Indian domain investor customers. It's always great to meet our customers face to face. You are able to learn a little bit more about who they are, how they got into the domain industry and what their goals are for the year.

Four people having dinner

We have customers from all over the world and whilst their origin stories may be different, there are a few constants. No matter how long people are in the industry, everyone remembers that first domain name sale that started their love affair with our small but vibrant industry!

Three people having lunch

DomainX was our first domain name event in India, but it won't be our last! Congrats to the organizers and participants on a very successful event. We look forward to watching the Indian domain scene continue to grow from strength to strength!