Keep Your Account - and Your Domains - Secure
with Dynadot's Account Lock

Robyn Norgan
Jul 11, 2012

Here at Dynadot we take your account security seriously. That is why we have what we call an "Account Lock" feature on all customer accounts. This feature adds another layer of security, requiring you to verify your identity again after logging into your account before the system allows you to change your account information, change your password, or unlock your domains. This helps prevent someone other than you from hijacking your account and making unauthorized changes such as transferring your domains away.

When you log in to your Dynadot account, you are taken to your Account Summary page, which lists your basic account information. You may have noticed that there is a listing for Account Lock that should be listed as "locked" unless you have already unlocked your account (in which case you should lock it again as soon as you have completed your account updates). Likewise if you go to the "My Info" tab, you'll notice that to edit your account information you are required to unlock your account.

To unlock your account, you will need to enter the birthday you chose when you set up your account. You can use any date you want, but it must be a memorable date for you because if you forget your birthday, you'll need to submit a forgot birthday request, which can take time to resolve since we will have to do some investigation to ensure that the person submitting the request is in fact the account owner.

But that's not all...our account security doesn't stop there! If you are looking for extra layers of security for you account, we also offer two additional options: Dynadot Token Authentication for your Andriod or iPhone or SMS Authentication for customers without a smartphone. Setting up these extra layers of security is optional, but recommended as it increases the security of you Dynadot account by requiring two-factor authentication. To activate either of these security measures, you'll need to unlock your account with your birthday under the "My Info" tab and the "Account Lock” subtab. Then you can set up your Token Authentication or your SMS Authentication using the instructions in our help files.

Post by Robyn Norgan