Why businesses are investing in cryptocurrency domains

Samantha Escobar
Jul 11, 2018
If you haven’t noticed yet—cryptocurrency has been a current trend around the world. Many have called cryptocurrency the money of the future but what is it exactly? To keep it simple cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is built on blockchain technology.

Over the weekend the domain “” made big headlines after the cryptocurrency debit card company Monaco bought it for an undisclosed amount. The domain was first bought in 1993 from Matt Blaze, a college professor who had a huge interest in cryptography. Throughout the years Blaze was frequently getting offers from many companies for the domain and he always refused until now.

Although the amount was undisclosed, there are speculations that the domain was worth around $10 million. The cost of this domain was significantly higher than other cryptocurrency domains. Another popular cryptocurrency domain “” was sold for $2 million last year. The company Monaco has now re-branded themselves as “” and the CEO feels confident that this will help their company succeed in the long run.

With this big news in the cryptocurrency world many users are investing in domains related to crypto-currency. At Dynadot we offer Top Level Domains (TLDs)
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Here are some TLDS:

Those are a few examples of some domain names that can help you launch the perfect website,whether its for a crypto-currency related business or to invest in one for the future.

Written by Samantha Escobar

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