Challenge the Status-Quo with .CO

Paige Omandam
Jul 30, 2018
If you're looking for a domain name for your next business, personal website, or portfolio, your default domain extension is probably .COM. However, if you want a domain that is fresh, engaging, and social, consider registering .CO instead.


.CO is the domain name for risk-takers and trend-setters. Unlike some domains that are specific to certain industries, .CO can be used for any purpose. Not only can .CO stand for "company", but it is also the ccTLD of the country of Colombia. It can also stand for the state of Colorado in the United States. If you're a business in Colombia or Colorado, you've got double the advantage!

Some of the most innovative companies have already made their mark on the world with .CO, including,,, and .CO became part of these brand's identity and helped set them apart in their industries.

So why .CO instead of .COM? While .COM is a well-known domain, .CO is new and innovative. .CO was launched 8 years ago and continues to be an internet trendsetter. One of the most unique things about .CO is that in addition to your domain name, you also receive exclusive membership offering free discounts, event tickets, and more! This is something truly unique to the domain industry and something you definitely don't get with a .COM domain.

If you're worried that search engines might not rank .CO the same as .COM, you have nothing to worry about. .CO is considered a gccTLD (generic domain extension), so as long as the content on your website is high quality, your website is treated equally.


Luckily, we're having a flash sale offering .CO for only $1.99 until August 5th! This sale is in honor of .CO's 8th birthday! These past 8 years, .CO has innovated the domain industry. Start engaging your community with .CO today!

Written by Paige Omandam