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Build A Stylish Online Presence With A Fashionable .CFD Domain
Eshan Pancholi
Apr 13, 2021

"One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress." —Karl Lagerfeld

Similarly, a website name with a short three-letter domain extension will always be in vogue. The newly launched .CFD domain extensions gives clothing brands, fashion houses, apparel manufacturers, fashion designers, influencers, and style bloggers a unique opportunity to register brandable names with a short and relevant domain extension.

The clothing and fashion design industry has been through several evolution stages ever since its inception and has grown into a significant phenomenon today.

Fashion brands, clothing businesses, fashion designers, and influencers with a penchant for style and artistic expression can use .CFD to catch the interest of their target audience and build a strong online presence.

What Is .CFD?

.CFD (#ClothingFashionDesign) is a newly launched domain extension tailored for the future of clothing and fashion design. .CFD is where fashion houses, independent designers, clothing brands, and apparel manufacturers usher in a prosperous new future of clothing and fashion design.

By providing a memorable, unique, and relevant web address, .CFD offers clothing, fashion, cosmetics, and footwear brands and designers a unique opportunity to strengthen their web presence.

.CFD is a trendy, innovative, and creative domain extension perfect for building a powerful online presence for your fashion and clothing brand.

.CFD is also an excellent choice for new-age, urban, and contemporary trendsetters who want to make a statement of their incredible fashion sense and style.

Several notable influencers from the global fashion community have already shown their love and support towards .CFD. In fact, several Hollywood celebrities have already registered their trademarks and full names with .CFD during its Sunrise launch.

.CFD is slated to launch on April 13th for the general public.

How Is .CFD Different From Other Domain Extensions?

  • Easy availability of names
  • Being an all-new domain extension, one can easily find meaningful and memorable domain names with .CFD.

  • Relevant and exclusive
  • As a short, innovative, and creative domain extension, .CFD makes for a contextual choice compared to conventional domain extensions. Apart from that, .CFD is explicitly designed for the clothing and fashion design industries, making it much more exclusive and relevant.

  • Free of restrictions
  • The .CFD domain extension is free of geography and language barriers. Any brand or individual from any part of the world can register their website with the .CFD domain extension.

  • Innovative, smart, and brandable names

  • The availability of innovative, smart and memorable names on .CFD domain extension makes it a very brandable choice to establish a strong online presence for your fashion and clothing brand.

Tips To Find The Perfect .CFD Domain Name

When choosing a domain name for your apparel business or clothing brand, bear in mind that it should be unforgettable and get imprinted in the minds of everyone who comes across it for the first time.

The below-listed tips will help you pick the perfect .CFD domain name for your brand.

  • Avoid making it too long
  • A long domain name with many numbers and special characters would be difficult to remember for your target audience. While picking a domain name for your brand, make sure to keep it short, concise, and easy to remember.

  • Make it Relevant
  • Your domain name should communicate to your audience information about your brand and industry. Therefore, it's imperative to choose a suitable domain name that can accurately explain your brand and what it's about.

  • Make it Creative
  • When choosing a domain name for your brand, make it innovative and one-of-a-kind, something that will catch people's eye and stand out from the competition.

  • Make it Keyword-rich
  • A keyword-rich domain name will help you rank on search engine result pages and make it simpler for your audience to find you and know about you.

  • Make it Simple
  • Don't add unnecessary jargon, numbers, abbreviations, and special characters in your domain name. Make it as straightforward and as simple as possible.

How To Name Your Website With .CFD Domain Extension

Picking a creative name for your brand can be tough. The below examples can make the task easier for you:

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.


If you want to make your mark in the competitive world of clothing and fashion design, then the .CFD domain extension is an excellent option for you. Choosing. CFD will allow you to quickly build a strong, brandable, and trendy online presence for your fashion and clothing brand effortlessly.

About The Author

Eshan is the Head Of Marketing at ShortDot, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .icu, .bond, .cyou, and .cfd. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.