Bodis Makes It Easy to Park & Sell Domains on the Same Platform

Robyn Norgan
May 14, 2013

Bodis is one of Dynadot's domain parking partners. A domain is considered "parked" when it hasn't been developed. Domain parking monetizes type-in traffic, i.e. when someone types the exact domain into their address bar. A parked domain will usually resolve to a web page with targeted ads and the domain owner is then paid by the click.

Bodis is a domain parking company that boasts the highest revenue shares in the industry. They recently added some exciting updates. Customers will now be able to park and sell domains all in the same platform on Obviously, domain parking is at the core of Bodis's business, but according to Bodis CEO Matt Wegrzyn, "The reason we decided to add a marketplace was due to the fact that many parked domains already receive sale inquiries. Our goal was to remove the hassle involved in negotiation via email between the buyer and seller. We wanted both the buyer and seller to have a safe, secure, and simple way of handling a sales transaction. When a buyer can put his or her trust in a safe and secure escrow process, it will result in more sales for the seller."

Their marketplace will have a safe and secure escrow that is integrated with their parking system, which uses a direct Google feed. Right now, the only other marketplace that does this is Sedo. What makes Bodis's marketplace different from Sedo's is their fixed price model. According to Wegrzyn, this means less work for the buyer and seller because they won't have to deal with bid threats and following up on offers, among other things. Since the marketplace is fixed price, buyers can buy a domain on Bodis without even signing up and with no initial verification. For sellers, using Bodis's marketplace means only paying Bodis a 5% commission, currently the Industry's lowest commission.

In addition to their new marketplace, Bodis also recently purchased the largest domain forum on the web, Although they have some exciting plans for Namepros, Wegrzyn would only tell us that they are working on more integration, which will make it easy for customers to use Namepros and Bodis to buy and sell domains.

Not a member of Bodis yet? Signing up is free! Check them out and see how easy it is to make money by parking, buying, and selling domains on their platform.

Post by Robyn Norgan

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Nov 24, 2017 3:51am
I have parked my undeveloped domains at Bodis.I domain registrar is godaddy.I understand from this article that it is better to sell the domains at Bodis as exposure to domains when parked is more.Is it so.