4 Ways to Increase Your Blog Presence

Samantha Escobar
Jun 17, 2019
Starting a blog for the first time is an amazing, yet intimidating experience.
Thinking that people are going to read – and even share – something you wrote can be, but it also seems like something that can be so amazing! However, starting a blog can be difficult, but once you have got it all ready, you want to make sure you can increase productivity!

After you have picked a great domain domain, find a great topic for your blog. Do you want your blog to be more personal, lifestyle, portfolio, or a fan page? Whatever you decided these next four tips will help you manage your blog while also increasing followers.


Having a social media page to promote your blog will be great for getting new followers. There are different ways you can use social media while blogging. If you already have your personal Facebook or Instagram account, you can share with your followers about your new website. If you want to create a new Facebook or Instagram for your new blog, make sure to promote and follow content that matches the theme of your website. Always use hashtags to attract an audience and post daily to interact and be active on social media.



Not only will your blog have interesting content, make sure that your website looks clean and has a nice theme for your audience to enjoy. If you registered any domains from Dynadot, then you have access to our most beautiful site builder that comes with templates to create your brand new website!


If you're not using our domain registrar, there are other ways you can make sure your website looks clean and professional. Use colors that compliment each other have great stock photos or professional photos, and make sure your formats are great.


The first thing to do when you got your blog down is an email list. Make sure to put together an email list where individuals can subscribe to your content. An email list is a great way for your audience to keep up with your content and to follow your post. If you ever have giveaways or are selling products, an email subscription will be great to increase productivity.

Email is a great way to start your own community for your personal website!


It's always smart to be consistent with your blog. You are bound to lose followers if you are not active on your blog. It's always a great idea to interact with your followers to make sure they know you are listening to and reading their comments and feedbacks. Being active online is a great way to stay on top of your blog! It may be hard trying to maintain your website over time, but you can always schedule post ahead of time to make your life a tad bit easier!


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Aug 3, 2019 1:08am
This article is more like an obsessive advertisement of its products/services than something informative and necessary.