The Best Domains for Podcasters

Paige Omandam
Sep 30, 2019
Whether you're commuting, going for a walk, or relaxing at home, listening to a podcast is a great way to spend idle time learning something new. Today on International Podcast Day, we celebrate the power of podcasts to inform, connect, and entertain us.

The best thing about podcasts is that they can be about literally anything. True crime, comedy, politics, technology, you name it— there's probably a podcast about it. The second best thing is that if you can't find one you want to listen to, you can create your own!

When starting a podcast, it's essential to have a website to establish your online presence, build a community of fans, and attract potential sponsors. There are thousands of podcasts out there, but make yours stand out with a dynamic domain name. You can set yourself apart with a domain name that is memorable, catchy, and reflective of what makes your podcast unique! Here are a few domain extensions to help you create started:


As the most well-known domain extension, .COM is an excellent choice for any podcast. No matter what the subject of your show is, you can't go wrong with .COM!


If the purpose of your podcast is to inform, .INFO is an excellent choice for domain extension. Your audience will know right away that they'll learn something new from your podcast.


If you record your podcast live, choose .LIVE as your domain extension! Choosing .LIVE shows your listeners that nothing is edited or held back during your show.


Does your podcast feature people who are experts in their field? If so, this is the domain extension for you. Your fans will know instantly that your information is from a credible source.


.SHOW is a memorable and catchy domain extension for any podcast. This domain name will set you apart from other shows and will definitely stick with your listeners.


Make your podcast feel like an exclusive club with .CLUB! When your fans visit your website, they'll feel like they are a special part of your community.

These are just a few of hundreds of domain extensions to choose for your podcast website. You can even choose a domain that is specific to your show's focus, for example .NEWS is a great extension for a news-related podcast. No matter what domain extension you choose, having a website is the key to your online success.