What is a Domain Authorization Code
& Where Do I Find It?

Robyn Norgan
Mar 21, 2013

When you register a domain, it is given an authorization code. This authorization code, also sometimes known as an EPP code, authinfo code, or even just auth code for short, is a string of random letters and numbers used to prevent domain hijacking. Basically its job is to keep your domain safe, so that no unauthorized person can transfer it away from you without...well, authorization.

You'll notice that when you visit our transfer page there is not only a place to enter the domain name you'd like to transfer, but also a place to enter your auth code. We ask for your domain authorization code right up front, so that we can complete your transfer as quickly as possible. If you would like to transfer to us and need to find your authorization code, we recommend asking your current registrar where you can find it.

If you need to find the authorization code for a domain registered with us (which of course wouldn't be for transferring out, now would it?), you can find it in your Dynadot account. We even have these handy instructions on how to find the auth code for your domain in our help files. Keep in mind you'll have to unlock your account with your chosen birthday before you can unlock the domain to see the auth code.

There are a few domains that don't require authorization codes to transfer. The domains on our list that fall into that category include: .CO.UK, .BE, .AT, and .LT. To see our full list of domains, visit our TLD page.

Put your authorization code to use! Transfer your .COM domains to us for just $8.50 with code SPRINGTRANSFER before it expires 3/31/13 23:59 PDT!

Post by Robyn Norgan