.Asia is Releasing 2-Character and 3&4-Numeric Premium Domains

Nov 2, 2020

Thousands of 2-character, and 3&4-numeric Premium .Asia domains will be released and available on Dynadot on November 24th, 2020.

These Premium .Asia names include:

●, and many more!

2-Character Premium .Asia Names

Two-character domain names are great for businesses as they are easy to remember and convey. Various big brands use them as gateway domains such as (to or (to Premium .Asia domains are a great investment for your expanding global and regional business.

3&4-Numeric Premium .Asia Names

Numbers and what they represent are a huge part of online and offline lives in Asia. According to Alexa, 10 out of China’s top 50 websites contain numbers, including and

Easy Recall

For Chinese users, sometimes numeric web addresses are easier to recall and type out compared to English or Pinyin (romanization system for Mandarin Chinese). Romanization often leaves margin for error, as not everyone is a master at Pinyin.

Clever Usage

3&4-numeric Premium .Asia domains are a great fun and make excellent domains for your next idea targeting Asian audiences from Japan to Singapore. For example, in Japanese 8888 sounds like “pachi-pachi-pachi-pachi” meaning lots of clapping; and 3Q sounds like “san-kyu”, meaning, you guessed it, thank you! In Mandarin 666, sounds like “niu-niu-niu”, meaning super, or awesome! A big departure from its demonic association in the West.

Find your 2-character and 3&4-numeric Premium .Asia domains at Dynadot starting November 24, 2020!

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Dec 17, 2020 10:24pm
i am from asia and i would definitely prefer to buy these domain extension