Dynadot Aftermarket Updates – Control Panel Marketplace Additions

Brett McKay
Sep 22, 2020

Easy-to-understand user interfaces are crucial for great user experience on an online platform and, at Dynadot, we put a lot of effort ensuring that our clean designs reflect that. With our other aftermarket improves we released this summer (see our two previous blog posts on our new last chance auctions and the new for-sale landing page/make offer system), we saw an opportunity to add new updates to our user control panel, specifically in the aftermarket section of accounts. In this blog post, we will cover these new updates in more detail to highlight all the new, exciting additions. Let’s dive in!

New Summary Page

Dynadot Aftermarket Summary Page

As we continue to expand on our aftermarket services, we wanted to provide a clean, organized way for Dynadot users to review all their aftermarket activity at a glance. Our new aftermarket summary page does just that. This page acts as a hub to give you snapshots of some of your interaction on Dynadot’s marketplace - allowing you will be able to quickly monitor, review and take action on specific aftermarket items with no hassle.

The information included on this summary page includes:

  • See a list of domain auctions you have participated in, your bid’s status (whether you have the highest bid, have won the domain or been out bid), the auction time remaining, the number of bids and the ability to add a bid directly from the summary page.

  • View backorder requests you’ve placed, when their respective cut-off date/time is and the status of the backorders.

  • List of incoming and outgoing offers on your domains listed for sale from our new ‘Make-Offer system’.

  • View your marketplace listings to easily monitor: the domains you have listed on our aftermarket, the number of bids they have received, each listings end time, and the current high bid for the domains.

From anywhere on the summary page, we made it easy to access the full aftermarket control panel pages simply by clicking on either the “View All” buttons at the top of each section or by clicking the individual summary boxes located at the top of this page. Be sure to use the ‘Aftermarket Summary’ page to quickly get status updates on all your Dynadot aftermarket interactions.

Other Control Panel Page Updates

Our other aftermarket control panel pages also received updates to add new functionality along with some quality-of-life improvements. See below.

"My Auction Listings" page

  • Added new summary bar to give an overview on your active auction listings including your total number of listings, number of domains sold, all time revenue generated from your listings, and your current top auction.

  • Added a new ‘Completed Auctions’ page to keep track of your previous auctions listed and review the history of your domains listed for auction.

“Marketplace Listings” page

  • This is a new page that is a collective view of all your active marketplace listings. This page includes all your domains listed in the marketplace, the amount of inquires they have received, and the current set price (or it will label them as set to ‘Make Offer’ if there is no set price).

  • We’ve also added a new ‘Inactive Listings’ page for previous listings that were sold/not sold. This can help you decide if you want to renew a domain for new potential offers.

“Auction Bid” page

  • Added new ‘Bid History’ page. This page allows users to review their auction participation history for specific domains they have bid on in the past. It includes the domain name of the auction, the auction end time, the bid amount, and the result of the bid (whether it was ‘Won’ or ‘Lost’).

“Backorder Request” page

  • A summary bar was added at the top of the page to help users keep track of their backorder request activity such as: the number of backorder requests currently active, how many have been successfully acquired/have failed to be acquired, and the total number of backorder requests made.

We hope you enjoy our aftermarket control panel updates and find the additions to be helpful! If you have any questions or feedback regarding anything mentioned here or general inquiries, please reach out to our support team – they’d be happy to assist! This concludes of summer 2020 aftermarket updates! Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for any future updates to the Dynadot platform. If you missed our previous two aftermarket update blog posts, make sure to check them out below: