Dynadot Celebrates Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Paige Omandam
Oct 26, 2017

It's no secret that we love our furry friends here at Dynadot! Our Dynadogs are lucky to call our office their second home, but not all dogs are so fortunate. About 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters in the United States every year and only 1.6 million dogs end up being adopted, with about 670,000 dogs ending up euthanized. In the spirit of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we encourage anyone looking to add a furry addition to their family to consider adopting from animal shelters. Just in time for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 485 this month which requires that stores selling pets acquire them from animal shelters rather than breeders and puppy mils. This means that more shelter animals have a chance to find a loving home in California!

Some of our very own Dynadogs were rescued from animal shelters, so we asked their owners about their experience adopting a shelter dog!

Dynadot Dog

Bear's owner is Todd Han, CEO and President of Dynadot. Bear was found roaming the streets of San Francisco and was adopted from the San Francisco SPCA. He was given the name "Bear" at the shelter and has had that name ever since. Bear had a lot of separation anxiety in the beginning and would have accidents and chew things up if he was left alone, but he's improved a lot since then. Bear has always been a very happy, social, and intelligent dog. Todd's favorite memory of Bear is the first time he brought him to the office, seeing him climb up the stairs ahead of him with his body at a slight angle wearing his big doggy smile.

Sleeping Pitbulls

One of our engineers, Peter, adopted two pit bulls from animal shelters: Leela and Chubbs. Leela was adopted from the Martinez Animal Shelter and was found as a stray. Chubbs was adopted from the Peninsula Humane Society after being given up to the shelter by his foster parents. Chubb's name was Buster at the shelter, and Leela's name was Pepper. He described Leela's personality as smart, mischievous, stubborn, curious, and independent, while Chubb's personality is dumb, goofy, sweet, and loving. His favorite memory of Leela and Chubbs is the first time the two of them played together after Chubbs was adopted. It's important to note that pit bulls have an especially difficult time being adopted from shelters. Because of stereotypes and prejudices, people stray away from adopting them, resulting in high euthanasia rates. When looking for a shelter dog, look past the stereotypes that surround pit bulls and consider giving them a chance at a loving home.

Our Marketing Specialist at Dynadot's Toronto office is also a shelter dog owner! Barry adopted Draper, a Plott Hound/Beagle Mix, from Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. Before she was named Draper, her name was Bella. He said that Draper was found wandering the forests of Northern Quebec, an inhospitable woodland that is popular for hunting. He said that she may have been a hunting dog in training or an offspring of hunting dogs. When he first adopted her, she was very nervous and had bad separation anxiety. At first, she slept under the bed, but now she's comfortable taking up all the space on the bed! He described her as a goofy pup who loves to spend her days rolling around in the grass and running like crazy. She'll hang out under the dining room table for scraps and will be snoring in her sleep on the couch by the evening. Barry's favorite memories of Draper are hiking with her on the countryside during Thanksgiving weekend, watching her attack the climb like a mountain climber, and the first time she discovered swimming.

We're glad these Dynadogs were able to find loving, happy homes, and we hope that more shelter animals can do the same! During Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, pay a visit, volunteer at, or donate to your local dog shelter.

Written by Paige Omandam

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