7 Of The Best Domain Extensions For Startup Websites In 2016

Annabel Maw
May 24, 2016

When it comes to starting a business, one of the most important components is choosing a domain extension that will help build your brand. Why you might ask? Because everything and everyone is online now, and customers will be seeing and using your website name constantly. Picking the wrong domain extension could mean low rankings on search engines and little public acknowledgement, but picking the right domain extension will get your business "in the know" and help customers recognize and remember your company. To begin branding your startup, check out 7 of the best gTLDs (generic top-level domains) for startup websites in 2016!



.BIZ is the domain that was crafted for businesses. Even though this domain is a classic, it is anything but "business as usual". Launched in 2001 as a domain specifically for "bona fide business or commercial use", .BIZ has stayed strong over the years as it continues to be the dominant domain companies choose to market themselves with. .BIZ is bold and gets to the point; clients and customers will never have to guess that your domain means business.


.NET is short for "network", and is one of the most popular substitutes to .COM. No matter what business you're in, .NET will assist your company with building a solid and reputable brand. This domain has gained popularity through its branding flexibility and the many years it has been on the market. .NET is also a more general domain, so if you're looking to target a wide audience, this domain might be the right selection for you.


If your business plan is designed to work with various countries around the world, .GLOBAL is a great choice to build your company's brand. .GLOBAL is the "it" domain in the international scene. Even though .GLOBAL is fairly new to the domain market, it has already made a lasting impression with small businesses and startups. .GLOBAL helps to distinguish international companies from competitors, and assists with building brands fit for worldwide customers.


You might not believe it, but .CO was originally assigned to Colombia! Even though this domain was meant to be a country specific domain, it is now considered to be on of the most generally registered domains on the market! .CO is also great for startups that want a concise website name. It is one letter shorter than .COM, but still gains the same acknowledgement from internet users. If you like to keep things simple, .CO will work wonders for you as it is versatile, short, and sweet.


.XYZ is the latest, most talked about domain out there. Ever since Google registered last year, .XYZ's popularity has soared. This domain is taken straight from the English alphabet, so it has got a natural ring to it that is recognized throughout the internet. If you're looking for a domain that is distinct, .XYZ just might fit the bill. .XYZ also won't break the bank as it goes on sale quite often!


.SITE is another unique domain that can help build the brand you desire. .SITE, also known as "website", is known across many languages and has the reach startups want. This domain is a bit more interesting than classic .COM, but still expresses your website name clearly and with ease. Feel free to use your imagination with this domain and get as innovative and inventive as you'd like!


Last but not least, we have .ME. .ME is an awesome domain for building brands because it is unique and memorable. .ME is also a great domain because it is versatile and anything but boring! It will surely leave a lasting impression on your clients and customer base. Register .ME because it's all about you and your business!

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