6 Organizations Using Technology For Good

Paige Omandam
Jan 9, 2018
Thanks to technology, many problems in our life are solved with ease. If we don't know the answer to something, we can use our technology to find the answer. If we're lost, technology can tell us where we are and put us on the right path. If we're hungry, technology will find us food and even get it delivered. On a smaller scale, technology can solve these minor annoyances at the push of a button. On a much larger scale, technology is solving ongoing problems around the globe and making the world a better place. While there are many tech organizations are changing the world for good, we wanted to highlight these six organizations using technology as a tool for empowerment, education, and change.


Girls Who Code is dedicated to closing the gender gap in tech through a variety of programs that teach girls of all ages how to code. In an industry that is only 24% women, it is becoming increasingly important that young girls are empowered to succeed in the computer science industry. Because of the work of Girls Who Code, over 40,000 girls across the United States have been given the skill set to become the next generation of female engineers. You can support Girls Who Code by donating, volunteering, or starting a club.


Canada Learning Code is an organization based in Toronto, Canada that promotes digital literacy for underrepresented groups across the 30 regions of Canada. They run several programs including Teachers Learning Code, Teens Learning Code, Kids Learning Code, Girls Learning Code, and Ladies Learning Code, who we had the privilege of sponsoring last year! Thanks to Canada Learning Code, over 80,000 learners have been given the skill set to build a future in digital technology. To get involved with Canada Learning Code, you can volunteer for their workshops or make a donation.


One Laptop Per Child provides children in the world's poorest countries with a low-power, low-cost, ecological laptop. Developed by a team of experts, the laptops distributed are specially built to be durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. For the children of these countries, a laptop is a tool for them to expand their knowledge and transform their communities. Thanks to the work of One Laptop Per Child, over 2.5 million laptops have been distributed to children around the world. To help One Laptop Per Child continue their mission, you can make a donation or connect with your local volunteers.

CODE.ORG is driven by the belief that every student should have access to computer science education. They run programs like an Hour of Code and other workshops that allow underrepresented students and women a chance to learn how to code. Their vision is for computer science to be integrated into K-12 education, allowing all students and equal opportunity in the computer science field. By addressing diversity issues in the classroom, empowers students to challenge the stereotypes of the tech industry. There are many ways you can contribute to their cause, including encouraging schools to teach computer science, hosting an Hour of Code, or volunteering in the classroom.


Human-I-T collects technology donations and refurbishes them to be distributed to non-profits and low income individuals. Not only does this reduce the e-waste in the environment, but it provides under-privileged individuals access to technology. With access to technology, underprivileged individuals are able to better their lives by doing school assignments, job applications and other important tasks. So far, they've diverted 254 pounds of e-waste from landfill and fulfilled over 3,000 technology donations. You can donate your technology to them, make a donation, or volunteer with them.


AnnieCannons provides survivors of human trafficking the technical skills to build an income while building programs that fight back at human trafficking and gender-based violence. What makes AnnieCannons unique is that they provide the technical training needed for the survivors to maintain economic stability, preventing them from re-entering the cycle of exploitation. While they learn technical skills, they are also building a supportive community with other human trafficking survivors. You can support them by volunteering or donating to their cause.

These are only a few of many organizations that have found ways for technology to better the lives of people around the world. Thanks to technology, there are more ways than ever to solve problems and produce change. If there is a cause that you think technology can help with, do your research to see if an organization is already working on it, and if there isn't, see what you can do as an individual to make change happen!

Written by Paige Omandam