Making the Switch from .COM to .BRAND

Lizzie Siy
Aug 3, 2017

2017 has been marked as the year of "dotBrand". Various major companies such as Barclays, BMW, and Google have been making the shift from using .com in their domain names to .Brand. Barclays has converted from to By doing this, it allows for users to have an easier understanding of where they are navigating due to the more concise domain name. By having a .Brand domain, it also allows for better control of your name. Since you have bought this specific TLD, no one else can take your name, unlike if your name was put before a .com address.

Besides Barclays, BMW has also made the switch for their 100th anniversary. They launched to celebrate their 100 years of craftsmanship and hopefully another 100 more. By making the switch, it allows for great branding and easier navigation. No longer does a domain have to be, instead, the name can be built into your web address.

Google has also been making the switch. This iconic tech company has started testing out a new branding strategy by converting some of their web addresses into names such as and By using .Brand TLDs, it allows for a shorter and easier to understand domain name.

While Dynadot does not yet offer .Brand TLDs, you can check out our list of over 500 different TLDs today! Click here for more information about .Brand TLDs as well!

Written by Lizzie Siy