Dynadot Office Profile: San Mateo

Lizzie Siy
Jul 31, 2017

As an organization with four offices in three countries, working at Dynadot is truly an international affair. With team members in our home office in San Mateo, two offices in China (Beijing and Zhengzhou) and our newest office in Toronto, Canada, it never ceases to amaze me when I'm working on a project with a colleague half the world away.

This unique working environment has its benefits (different ideas from different people) and its challenges (what time is it over there?), but I wouldn't trade it for anything. In fact, one thing that really brings our team together is how diverse we are. That's why we thought it'd be interesting to profile each office in the organization and highlight the ways in which each team reflects their home base. First up is our home office, the start of it all, in San Mateo, California. We asked Lizzie Siy, our Marketing intern to give us the lowdown on our headquarters.

- Barry Coughlan, Marketing Specialist, Dynadot

San Mateo

Google Map of San Mateo

Although Dynadot is a company that operates worldwide with offices in Toronto, Beijing, and Zhengzhou, our headquarters are based in San Mateo, a suburb outside San Francisco. San Mateo is one of the larger suburbs with a population of around 103,500. With the population being a cultural melting pot, it is home to countless different restaurants and cafes. To take advantage of all the different cuisines, our office attempts to try a new place every week. Mondays we have team lunches where a member of our San Mateo office chooses a place in the neighborhood that the whole team can order from. Personally, I love ordering from Joy Sushi, their Sake Lovers plate is amazing!

Because we have so many restaurants within walking distance, we also have a “Friday treat” where we choose a cafe close by to get a quick snack such as pastries or milk tea. Having Central Park in San Mateo just a few blocks away gives our team an opportunity to do Tuesday workouts after all the eating and snacking. With the weather averaging around low to mid seventies, it allows us to be able to partake in outdoor team activities. Taking advantage of the beautiful San Mateo weather, every Thursdays the team and I head outside to play ultimate frisbee. Not a bad way to burn those lunch calories off!

Work doesn't always have to be dull and Dynadot makes sure of that! With rewarding treats and team building exercises, Dynadot makes sure that going to work doesn't have to be stressful. It doesn't matter if you're in marketing, operations, customer service, or engineering in our San Mateo office, Dynadot makes sure that its teams stick and work together on a daily basis. This is what I admire about Dynadot. Not only are we a company thriving for success, we are a family working together on the daily.

Written by Lizzie Siy