Let's Welcome Our New TLDs!

Lizzie Siy
Jul 7, 2017

Here at Dynadot, we are proud to announce the launch of three new TLDs that we are excited to offer! .IO, .SH, and .AC are now proudly a part of our extensive list of TLDs. These TLDs also offer their own landing pages. This is ideal if you want your visitors to land on a specific topic on your website. With these clever and innovative domain names, you can add a unique domain extension to your website name!


This next generation domain has become a popular one among those in the tech industry. Its trendy name can stand for input/output or simply just be a unique and concise domain name for your startup or business.


With this domain, give your website a voice! Use this domain to finish a word in your website name (For example,, or just to tell people to quiet down! Make your website name more concise by putting the last two characters of a word into your domain extension.


The .AC domain is great for academic institutions as well as domain hacks! Let people know if you're a brainiAC or an insomniAC. Whether you need a domain extension for your academic institution or you want people to know the kind of maniAC you are, .AC can be the domain for you!

Give our new TLD's a warm welcome and check them out!

Written by Lizzie Siy