Why Dynadot Believes in Net Neutrality

Felix Lau
Jul 12, 2017

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is the principle that protects our rights to communicate freely online. This principle helps prevent ISP companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon from controlling the internet. Without net neutrality, ISP companies can slow down competitor’s content, control content that they don’t like, and charge fees to give certain companies faster service. This would mean the end of free internet as we know it.

Why is net neutrality important?

Net neutrality is very important to our First Amendment, the freedom of speech. Without this guiding principle, ISP companies will be able to run everyone’s digital lives. Imagine the effects it will have on people who use the internet to spread messages against racism, economic inequality, or even just want to share a negative review of a company. Without the net neutrality principle, ISP could block speech and prevent people’s voices from speaking freely online. Only people who could afford to pay an extra fee would be able to voice their opinions online.
Another huge problem with the reversal of net neutrality lies in the ability for ISP companies to generate more profit. Do you think it would be fair for an ISP company to slow down your Netflix just so they can get Netflix - or you - to pay extra fees? Even if the fees are on Netflix instead of you, those fees will get pushed onto customers in some form. Since people who don't have as much money won't be able to pay the extra fees, they will be cut off from the information (let's be honest, this won't just affect Netflix) that should be free to everyone. This is in clear violation of our First Amendment Right that has real consequences and must be stopped.

Who is trying to reverse net neutrality?

The new FCC chairman who was appointed in January 2017, Ajit V. Pai, took steps to dismantle the net neutrality rules. He is backed by lobbyists from the three major ISP companies although AT&T claims they support net neutrality. This is hard to believe since they sued the FCC in 2015 over reversing net neutrality.

Who is protesting against the FCC’s plans to reverse net neutrality?

Today, July 12th, 2017 marks the "Day of Action"! Over 80,000 websites and companies including Google, Netflix, Facebook & Amazon are protesting against the reversal of net neutrality.

What can I do to support net neutrality?

Protest the reversal of net neutrality by submitting a filling for proceeding 17-108!

Posted by Felix Lau