The Rise of Cameras

Felix Lau
Jul 21, 2017

As the digital age progresses, more and more people are now using cameras to record and broadcast events. If you don’t have a picture of going to Hawaii, did you really go? People use cameras for everything including games, sports, social media and many more. Live streams are now becoming more popular, and the only way to stream is to use a camera. With the addition of YouTube Live and Facebook Live, the number of users that post videos online grew by over 75%. Live streaming services like Twitch have seen an increase in active streamers every month which goes to show that the era of live streams has just begun.

When Snapchat came out, this was the first time you could post live stories and have other people view it. The app gained momentum and soon had over 150 million daily active users. Then, Instagram released Instagram Stories and in less than a year, then gained over 200 million daily active users. Without a camera, these apps wouldn’t be possible. It just goes to show how cameras affect many aspects of our daily lives.

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Posted by Felix Lau