An Easy Way to Register .GLOBAL

Felix Lau
Jul 5, 2017

Dynadot has partnered with .GLOBAL registry to allow our customers to easily search for interesting .GLOBAL domains to register. You also have the ability to list .GLOBAL domains for sale on this site at no charge. Right now, there are 8 categories where you can explore .GLOBAL domains including "ThreeLetter.GLOBAL, ValuableKeywords.GLOBAL, & PremiumNames.GLOBAL".

The ThreeLetter.GLOBAL category features all the available Three Letter .GLOBAL domains for registration. If you enter this category, you may see that there are 3 different statuses.

Available - This means that the domain is available at the regular registration fee. Most 3 letter .GLOBAL domains are available without having to pay a premium price.

EPP - This means that the domain is available at a premium price, but with regular renewal price.

Ask Price - This means you will have to contact us for the price to register the domain.

There are still great 3 letter domains to register like ACE.GLOBAL & JOG.GLOBAL. Don’t miss out on the chance to register these great domains before someone else!

If you are looking for something more expensive and captivating, check out the PremiumNames.GLOBAL category. This section features all of the domains that are available, but at a more expensive price. Here you can find domains like ZOO.GLOBAL, HOUSE.GLOBAL, & CLUB.GLOBAL for a premium price. The good thing is, you only have to pay the price once! After that, you would only need to pay for the regular renewal fee.

The last section I want to talk about is the ValuableKeywords.GLOBAL category. If you want a great domain at a regular price then this is the perfect category for you. This section is great because it shows all the valuable keyword domains that are still available to register. In this section, you can find great domains like DELICIOUS.GLOBAL & GARDENS.GLOBAL all for the regular registration price.

Get .GLOBAL on sale for just $9.99! Sale ends 07/31/17 23:59 UTC!

Posted by Felix Lau