The New Website Builder Shopping Cart

Felix Lau
Jun 6, 2017

Dynadot Store Website

We are proud to announce that we have launched the shopping cart function for our website builder. This new feature will take your website to the next echelon.This shopping cart is a great feature to add onto your website. You can become an independent entrepreneur and make it simple for customers to purchase your products. Having an e-commerce site will build trust between you and your customers and make it more convenient for them to shop at your store.

How the shopping cart works -


In the shopping cart section of your site builder, there are 8 sections where you can edit.

Dynadot Store Website

General: Here, you can add information pertaining to your store like your address, name, email.

Inventory: In the inventory section, you can add your products to the store and edit the title and description of your products. You can also add options like price, stock, color etc. pertaining to your product. If you have different colors of the same products, you can add variances to the product so you won’t need to add the same product over and over again.

Payments: For the payment system, we have partnered with Stripe to provide an easy way to accept payments. You will have to connect a stripe account finish the payment process. Stripe takes 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge for their transaction fee.

Shipping: You can add different shipping zones and set the shipping rate however you like. For example, you can set the shipping rate for the United States at $4.99 and Canada at $9.99! If you want to be even more precise, you can set a different shipping rate for each state or region.

Tax: In this section, you can add the country tax rate and the regional tax rate to any country. If the customer orders from that specific country, they will be charged tax depending on the rate you set.

Orders: Here you can view all your current and past orders.

Disputes: You can view all your disputes in this section. (Hopefully this section will be empty for you)

Notifications: These are the notifications your customers will receive when an order is confirmed, canceled, refunded or fulfilled. You can edit the templates however you see fit.

What is like for customers to use?

In the customers point of view, it is a very simple process to add a product into their shopping cart. They just simply choose the product they would like and hit the “add to cart” button and the item will show up in their shopping cart located on the top right of their screen.

How easy is it to use?

As the administrator for your store, it was super simple to set up the shopping cart. All the instructions are clear-cut so you will have no problems setting it up. As the customer, the shopping cart will make your purchases much more convenient.

Business plan required to purchase for the cart.

To get access to this amazing shopping cart, you must purchase a business plan. This also comes with a professional email address, unlimited pages, custom code editor and much more. As a bonus, if you purchase the annual business plan, it also comes with a free domain name (either a .COM, .NET, or .ORG) and two free months of the plan.

Do we take a cut from purchases through the cart?

To make your lives better, Dynadot does not take a cut from the purchases through the cart. Although I mentioned Stripe takes a cut of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge for their transaction fee.

Posted by Felix Lau