How to Create the Perfect Name for Your Website

Lizzie Siy
Jun 8, 2017

Having the right website name is crucial because it helps builds your business or blog's online identity. But how do you create the perfect name for your website? Well, there are many factors to consider before you finalize your name. Your web address name reflects your web identity, therefore it is important to create a name that fits your business or web brand. Here are some tips to how to create the perfect name for your website:

1. Make it Short

The longer your website name is, the harder it is for customers and visitors to remember your site. Also, with a longer website name, you run the risk of people misspelling the name. Research has actually found that popular websites tend to be about 6 characters. Google and Amazon are prime examples. Keeping it short and sweet not only allows the name to be easier to spell out, it also makes the name more memorable.

2. Make it Memorable

Having a short domain name doesn't have to be the only component that makes your website memorable. Making your name catchy and fun can also help.

3. Make it Easy to Pronounce

By making your domain name easy to pronounce, it allows it to be more easily spread by word of mouth. Having a lengthy, complicated domain name makes it hard for people to share since they most likely will not be able to remember and say it.

4. Use Keywords

Having keywords that customers and visitors are likely to search when looking for your business are crucial for SEO. Having a domain name with the right keywords can generate online traffic to you website through search engines. You can use Google AdWords to help reach the right audience through keywords.

5. Find the right domain extension

You can explore the different TLD's Dynadot has to offer to help brand and differentiate your business or blog from the rest. Certain extensions have specific uses too, so if you want to help out your visitor/customer figure out what they could find on your website, you can explore TLD's such as .me, .net, .org, and more!

With these tips, you can build the perfect name to brand your business or blog! We wish you luck!

Written by Lizzie Siy