Get to Know a Little Bit About .ME: Dynadot's New Marketing Intern!

Lizzie Siy
Jun 8, 2017

Hi Everyone! My name is Lizzie and I'm incredibly excited to be Dynadot's new marketing intern! As a Californian who studies in Upstate New York, it's nice to be back in the beautiful weather for the summer as well as being able to work for such a fun company in their California office. Anyway, enough about myself, let's talk about .ME.

The .ME domain has the ability to add a personal touch to your business or product. You can use it help convey a unique identity to your customers, have creative website names, or simply to remind people who the most important person around here is (I mean, you have to feed the ego somehow, right?). All jokes aside, if you think .ME is the domain for you, check out our sale! Right now, you can buy a .ME domain for $2.99!

Aside from talking about the .ME sale, I also want to introduce myself! Here are 3 fun facts about me:

1.) I have an unhealthy obsession with Law and Order SVU

.ME sale : Dynadot's new marketing intern
While there are many crime shows out there, SVU will always hold a special place in my heart. If I could interview one fictional TV character, it would definitely be detective Benson. I think I've forced all my friends to watch this show and got them hooked on it so they could watch it with me.. mwahaha!

2.) I'm a sucker for going to concerts and festivals

.ME sale : Dynadot's new marketing intern
My taste in music is is so broad, I find myself loving so many different artists that come to town as well as on festival lineups. The more artists I find that I like on a festival lineup, the more I want to go! And the wider array of genres I like, the more artists I find myself becoming familiar with! If you're ever wondering what I'm saving up for, it's probably for a couple concerts and festivals .

3.) I love traveling, but I HATE airports

.ME sale : Dynadot's new marketing intern
I'm almost never in a single place for more than 3 weeks... If I am, I tend to get restless. While I love saving up for concerts and festivals, I probably am also saving for a plane ticket as well. Traveling is something that my family and I have loved doing since I was born, but what's ironic is I have the WORST luck at airports! Catch me complaining about a delayed or cancelled flight whenever I'm traveling.

There are some fun facts about me, now let me tell you a little more information on .ME.

Our $2.99 .ME sale pricing is for 1 year registrations and ends 6/30/2017 23:59 UTC. No coupon code is necessary; simply search for and buy your .ME domain for less!