Felix Lau
Apr 27, 2017

Are you looking to create the most interesting website with a soothing end? Then look no further! What we have in store is one of the most exciting new gTLDs….drumroll please….the one and only, .XYZ! Huge companies like Hooli (Yes, I know this is a parody company) and Alphabet both use .XYZ. The possibilities are endless with this great gTLD.

Think of it like this, the English alphabet consists of 26 letters and ends with xyz. Why isn’t there a .LMN or .QRS TLD? Well, that’s because those letters don’t roll off your tongue as smoothly as .XYZ. Try it out yourself. In just 3 years time, .XYZ became the 4th most registered TLD and they are closing in on becoming 3rd place. If I had to make a bet, I would say that within 5 years, .XYZ will become 3rd place.

.XYZ was created to combine Generations X,Y and Z to create a community for everyone. This fresh new domain is just what you need to add the finishing touch to your website.

Don’t miss your chance to get .XYZ on sale now for $1.99!

Posted by Felix Lau