Go Global Today!

Felix Lau
Apr 14, 2017

As technology becomes more and more advanced, our world is starting to become connected. For example, with the invention of tele-communication technologies like video calls and the internet, the way we live our lives are now totally changed. Technology transcends borders allowing us to communicate with someone halfway around the world. This new digital world is where people spend most of their time now. Instead of playing basketball with a couple of neighborhood friends, you can now play basketball online with someone in another country. The growing popularity for eSports is also creating a global gaming community. As the human race becomes more connected, the imaginary borders we create to separate countries will fall leading to a globalized world.

The .GLOBAL domain is perfect for the upcoming changes in the world. With everything becoming globalized, why shouldn't your domain? The .GLOBAL domain has unlimited potential and is great no matter what kind of website you want to create. We have partnered with .GLOBAL registry to make it easier for our customers to search for premium, reserved, valuable, etc., domains. There is a lot of useful information on the site to help you decide which .GLOBAL domain you want to register.

If you are looking for a standard/non-premium domain, we have .GLOBAL on sale for just $9.99! Sale ends 4/30/17 23:59 UTC.

Posted by Felix Lau