A New Year Is A New Me

Felix Lau
Dec 27, 2016

New Years 2017

It’s almost that time of year where one makes New Year’s Resolutions! A new year is a fresh start where you can implement “kaizen” or continuous improvement. There are probably things that you always say you will do but never get around to. Well, there is no better time to start than a new year. You don’t want to be one of those people who are all talk and have nothing to show for it.

By registering a .ME domain, you can start anew and decide how you want to reinvent yourself for the following year. Many people hit the gym or go on a diet, but the possibilities are endless. A great way to keep track of your progress would be to start a personal blog or a photo blog using your very own .ME domain. Having a .ME domain will make your personal brand truly unique and memorable. Others will be able to see all the fun you are having and all the possibilities with owning your own domain.

Since we are currently living in the digital age, having an online presence is very important. Potential employers, friends, and people who are interested in your talents will try and search for you online. You can use your personal site to showcase your talents to the world. By doing so, you will attract more opportunities to yourself while standing out from the crowd. This .ME domain could be the stepping stone you need to fulfill your dreams.

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Posted by Felix Lau