The Only Domain Suitable for Creativity and Innovation

Felix Lau
Nov 7, 2016

Who here doesn’t love to watch the HBO series "Silicon Valley"? I bet that if you are reading this blog, you have seen every episode of this hit comedy series. If you want to be just like the billion dollar company "Hooli" then the first step is to register a .XYZ domain. Not only is .XYZ easy to say, but it makes for an interesting and mysterious domain. Hooli even came up with a whole product division named Hooli XYZ as a play on the .XYZ domain. Like Hooli, your .XYZ domain is perfect for those innovative and moonshot ideas that run through your mind.

As of June 2016, .XYZ has become the 4th most registered TLD after .com, .net, and .org. Since .XYZ is still a relatively new domain that has only been out since 2014, there are still a lot of domain names you could choose. The longer you wait to register, the more creative you will have to be in creating your website. I can only imagine the fun and creative names that will appear with the .XYZ domain. The most creative one yet is Google’s new parent company "Alphabet" which created their website as I’m sure that you can come up with something even better than that! It’s time to jump onto the .XYZ bandwagon!

To make things even better, .XYZ is on sale now for just $1.99. If you weren’t sure about registering a .XYZ domain, your life just became that much easier. Sale ends 11/30/16 23:59 PDT.

Posted by Felix Lau