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Barry Coughlan
Nov 21, 2016

There is no denying that over the past decade, the Internet has evolved from a medium that you passively view to one that you actively live. As more people came online in the early 2000's and the Internet became more accessible there was a noted shift in the delivery of online content. Out went the old broadcast model of companies and organizations controlling the medium and message and in came user-generated content. From social media to website builders (ahem) people started to build an Internet in their own likeness.

There is perhaps no finer example of this shift than the proliferation of blogs. Blogging has put content creation entirely at the whim of the writer. Beholden to nobody, bloggers are able to voice their opinion, share their stories and connect to others online. Now with the launch of .BLOG, anyone can create a hub to collect all of their musings and promote their blog all from the domain name. That's why in celebration of the launch of .BLOG, we've written about three types of blogs that you can host on the new TLD. Enjoy!

Diary Blog

A diary blog is naturally the most personal type of blog, as the central theme is often the writer. These types of blogs can trace their origins back to the beginnings of the Internet, where people would often keep diaries on old Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). They really hit their stride in the late 90's when LiveJournal and Open Diary took off and people would catalogue their travels, school or simply their day-to-day life. Now it's hard to imagine the Internet without those embarassing diary blogs people write when they're a teenager. They are as integral to the Internet as cat picutres! Protip: Register your name as a .BLOG and you'll have the official hub for your personal blog!

Community Blog

No other type of blog has evolved more than the community blog. Some of the most successful media publications on the web started out with a single writer who had a passion for a certain topic and started writing about it in earnest and with little readership. From video games to sports and politics, these types of blogs can often take on a fervent readership, and if they hit the right tone can end up being the unofficial voice of an entire community. Look no further than Tech Crunch for such a success story. Protip: As .BLOG has just launched there are some great names out there. So if you maintain a community blog or would like to start one, registering a general name as a branding tool could be a great first step to building a successful blog.

Opinion Blog

A sort of hybrid of the diary blog and a community blog, the opinion blog is built on the proviso that while everyone has an opinion on something, yours might be the best, loudest or the most controversial! These types of blogs run the gamut topic-wise, but you'll often see inspirational speaker blogs or gossip blogs on the high traffic lists. Got an opinion that you want to share with the world, starting an opinion blog will provide you with the means to do so! Protip: Registering your name as a .BLOG for an opinion blog is again a good option if you want to make yourself the star. You can also get a little esoteric with the name if you are trying to convey a feeling, get across a message or pull someone in.

So what are you waiting for? .BLOG has launched today! Get that great name before it gets snatched up!

Post by Barry Coughlan

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Nov 24, 2016 5:18am
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