The Best Black Friday Deals Are Ones With No Line

Felix Lau
Nov 25, 2016

Black Friday is coming up and we all know too well what happens on that day. Millions of people getting up early to wait in line at their favorite stores for those sweet discounts. There have been people waiting in line for hours before the store opens so that they can take advantage of the deals. I give props to those with the patience and dedication to wait for hours, but that definitely isn’t my type of scene.

If you want to get those amazing Black Friday deals, but don’t want to wait in line, we at Dynadot offer our deals online! We are offering 8 amazing deals on domain extensions with prices starting at just $0.50 so there is bound to be a domain extension for you.


This domain extension is for those who want to be at the top of the food chain. But then again, who wouldn’t want to be at the top. Owning a .TOP domain will allow others to know that you mean business and are here to stay. Register a .TOP today, now on sale for just $0.50.


If you are looking for a domain extension that can be used for anyone, then look no further. The .GDN or Global Domain Name can be used by anyone for everything while giving you a reputable online presence. Take advantage of our Black Friday deal and register a .GDN on sale now for just $0.50.


On average, people spend more than 20 hours online a week either reading articles, watching videos, or playing games. Since everything online is on a website, the .WEBSITE domain extension is easy to remember and instantly recognizable. Register a .WEBSITE today, now on sale for just $1.00.


You don’t need me to tell you why .ONLINE is a great TLD for those wanting an online presence. The answer is in the domain extension’s name. .ONLINE is great for anyone who wants to step into the digital world. Register .ONLINE, now on sale for just $1.00.


Get creative with your very own .XYZ domain extension. This fun domain extension will give you a unique website that you can be proud of. .XYZ is perfect for generation X, Y, and Z. Register a .XYZ today, now on sale for just $1.00.


This great domain extension will work with any type of site you decide to create. There are no restrictions and an infinite amount of possibilities for you to create your dream “site”. With our Black Friday deal, you can register .SITE on sale now for just $1.00.


Taking your online presence global is what we all aspire to do with globalization happening at our doorsteps. With this .GLOBAL domain extension, your presence will reach to the ends of the world while unifying and including everyone internationally. Register a .GLOBAL today, now on sale for $7.99.


“Moe” is a slang word rooted deep in Japanese Otaku culture meaning cute or adorable. Even so, this domain extension is perfect for anyone who wants to express themselves online. This short and unique domain is a great place to create your online identity. Register a .MOE today, now on sale for $7.99.

*.MOE sale ends 11/30/16 23:59 UTC. All others end 11/28/16 23:59 UTC.

Posted by Felix Lau