How a Sleek and Stylish Website Can Promote Brand Recognition

Felix Lau
Oct 12, 2016

Silicon Valley Partners Website

No matter what your business relates to, having a website is a key to success in the digital age we live in. This is definitely the case for Silicon Valley Partners. They are a boutique investment bank and financial consulting firm that has been in business since 2010. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a new sleek and stylish website, they are ready to bring the company to a new age.

Why Create a Website?

We spoke to associate Zach Little about why Silicon Valley Partners decided to invest in a website. Although he did tell us that having a website is, "mostly customary since most of our business comes from referrals," he also told us that they have used their website as a way to educate prospective clients about their services. With their industry focus on Tech Mergers & Acquisitions (Tech M&A), their clients expect to be able to find the information they need online. Creating a new simple and straightforward website shows that Silicon Valley Partners is up to date with current digital media trends.

According to Zach, their old website was, "very basic and embarrassing, so it was well due for an upgrade." Since building this new website, they have been able to get a better understand of who is looking at their firm as well as the specific pages potential clients are interested in. Zach says, "the layout and sitemap that we have designed helps us understand how engaged prospects are in evaluating our services."

Building a Website with Ease

Getting a website started doesn't have to be difficult. For Silicon Valley Partners, their first step was registering their domain name,, with Dynadot. Then, when they were ready to upgrade their website, they turned to Dynadot's useful website builder. Not only is the website builder easy to use, it also offers free templates to help you get started. In these exact words, Zach said "The website builder provides all of the tools we needed to get the site up as well as keeping the content current. Absolutely worth the investment". Just these two simple steps will allow you to become a part of the digital world where new opportunities await.

On a side note, when has building an amazing website ever done a company wrong?

You can get started today with the free Dynadot website builder. Upgrade to the pro or business plan for only $5 or $15 per month and you will receive a complimentary domain (and matching email with our business plan). This is the ultimate plan for those who are looking to expand into the new digital era.

Posted by Felix Lau