Early Bird Gets the Domain

Felix Lau
Nov 2, 2016

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's next generation video game console, was announced on October 20th. Judging by the 3-minute video that Nintendo posted about this new console, it looks like this device is very convenient no matter where you want to play it. You can connect it to the TV, remove parts of it and play it handheld, and connect with other Switch consoles and play together. I am very excited to check this product out once Nintendo releases more information in January 2017. This is definitely one of the most innovative consoles I have seen to date. Nintendo expects to release this product in March 2017 and expects to ship 2 million Switch consoles that month. When you release a new product, it is always a smart idea to register a domain for that product.

Luckily, Nintendo registered for their new console because according to Domain Name Wire, that same day, 175 .com and .net domain names with the word "switch" were registered. While Nintendo registered the most important domain, websites like and were registered by individuals who are hoping to make money on these domains in the future. I believe that Nintendo should have considered registering other domains as well. Websites like may prove useful in the future if Nintendo plans on updating their console. Another example is which was registered by a domain investor in Minnesota. This website may be critical to Nintendo because that website could be used to sell counterfeit controllers to customers not knowing the difference. This shows just how important it is for a business to secure their domain name and names that they may use in the future. The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) states that if you have the copy-write or trademark on the name, you may have the rights to the domain even if someone else registered it. Unfortunately, it can be a long process of lawsuits and filing complaints in court so this would not be an ideal situation. You also don’t want to have to pay a ridiculous price to someone just because they registered first. Securing your domain name will allow you to protect your brand and credibility.

Some quick tips that can help you in the long run:

1) Be sure to register domains that you may use in the future. Domains including your business or product name should be registered to prevent customers from mistakenly going onto another company’s website. This will ensure that your brand reputation will be protected from other people wanting to sabotage your brand.

2) Buy in bulk to save money! If you know you're going to be registering a lot of domains, you can prepay into your account to get discounted pricing. Saving just a little bit of money here and there will add up to significant amounts in the future.

3) When registering domains, keep it short and use keywords. This will make it easier for customers to find your website and improve your rank on search engines.

Posted by Felix Lau